OUTWORK EVERYBODY – Powerful Motivational Speech

Message From the Universe: Do Not Make a Mountain Out of a Molehill!

Why complicate your life even more than needed? Why add stress to endanger your health? You decide how you want to live your life and what good or bad you want to add into it. If you are looking for a change to better yourself, then start working for that change. Do not feel the need to complain but yet procrastinate when it comes to taking action and making a change in your life. It may seem to be a large mountain to cross, but you would be surprised as how it is not such a big challenge to overcome.

Do Not Get Tired, Just Get Ready For Action

One inch past tired is more action and then you get what you want ultimately. But when you let the “tiredness” take over, failure happens.

How to Get Started

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence. So, do the difficult things while they are still easy and do the great things while they are still small.

Don’t Count On Motivation, Because Discipline Is The Key

Motivation is a fleeting state that requires a certain mental or emotional approach to reach a goal. It fluctuates depending on outward conditions. In contrast, discipline can help you conquer the toughest challenges. For example, you may wake up with a cold or flu and have a 10,000 word report to write, yet not be motivated to complete it. However, discipline commands you tackle the work knowing it must be completed, regardless.

Message From the Universe: Work on Quality, Not Quantity!

It’s not about how many hours you put in to your work but the quality of work you put in less hours. If you can compress a day of work (approximately 8 hours) and shorten it to determine the actual productive hours, I can guarantee it won’t amount more to 5 hours, from start to finish. So why not work hard for these five hours and spend the rest of the available time you have with family and friends? Now this is what I call being productive. You keep the right balance between work and family, which is one of the most difficult challenge many humans have. Focus on what is important to you and determine how much time you want to put on each of your obligations.

Giddyup Dude!

How do you conduct your life? Are you a participant, or do you watch life go by like you watch a film or television show? If you have a loved one or family, does your habit of sloth lead them to a sedentary life? Perhaps you need to giddyup, dude!

Communicate to Motivate

To stimulate someone into productivity the leader must be able to communicate effectively. A loss in the communication will induce negative emotions thus effecting the motivation to accomplish a desired goal.

Stop Overanalysing Every Thought For Peace Of Mind

A cascade of thoughts emerge from your mind with a life of their own. One minute everything is fine, the next you’re trapped in a web of destruction. The thoughts lead you down a trail of nothingness, overwhelming you. How does this happen and why do you allow yourself to get caught up in the anxiety? It’s easy to become entangled in our thoughts because we experience them thousands of times a day. Thoughts pass through our mind for no reason, and if we cling to them, they can cause emotional upheaval.

7 Helpful Tips To Sustain Your Motivation

When it pertains to getting things done, motivation can be hard to come by. Yet, that is precisely what is required. A small amount of motivation is needed to do little, simple things, like brushing your teeth. Larger jobs require more motivation to complete.

Success Is As Important As How It Is Achieved

Success is an end. But every end is achieved through a means. This article argues that success is as important as the means. This means that before an accomplishment becomes acceptable as success, there are some tests the means through which it is achieved must pass.

How to Use Fear As a Form of Motivation

Do you procrastinate because you feel fear of rejection, pitfalls and failure while pursuing your goals or life purpose. Fear not as this article shows you how you can use fear to motivate yourself, accomplishing your burning desires.

Why Hope Will Get You Through Anything

Life is full of twists and turns, it’s easy to become despondent. Obstacles and adversities show up unexpectedly and we find ourselves out of our comfort zone. People say life is unfair? I presume they’re referring to life being unfavourable when things don’t go as planned. Surely, we’re intelligent enough to know, we don’t always get what we want. Sorry to rain on your parade.

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