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Your Dream is Not on Promotion – Buy It At Full Price

I don’t want to discourage anybody, but I still have to tell all of you that it’s not easy to achieve a dream. As long as you believe in your dream, you’ll be able to achieve it. However, don’t expect it to just pop out from nowhere in front of you. If it does happen, it’ll have no value worthy of being your dream.

It’s Time to Kick Mediocrity to the Curb

We’ve become a nation of ‘tolerators’. We expect bad service. We tolerate poor corporate leadership. We barely question biased journalism. We buy mediocre products. We’ve grown immune to hype and overblown marketing messages. And it’s coming at a price. Our businesses are suffering. Our schools are struggling. Our spirits are sagging.

Thinking & Acting on Manual – To Avoid Accidents & Failures

Every time we have a mishap, almost without exception, it is due to some sort of lapse, error, mistake, calculated risk or violation. If we were children, we could almost certainly be characterised as either childish (unintentional motivation) or foolish (intentional motivation) in these situations.

Simply Making the Right Choices

It’s interesting to note that in the general sense there’s a godly order to this world. This order is suggested in the Wisdom literature, and certainly that contained within the Bible. Secular life is not that different from the spiritual–there’s a cause and effect nature that goes on, particularly in response to the acts of people.

Self Help on the Wisdom of Motivation

There are really only two kinds of motivation. These two are it.

Have the Belief and Self Confidence to Get a High-Paying Job

When searching for a job many people first peruse the job title then the salary. If they see the salary is high, they believe that that particular position is out of their reach and so they move on to the next job vacancy.

Why You Need a Success Mindset

When you believe in yourself, have self confidence and take daily action, you will have the key ingredients to possessing a success mindset. This success mindset strengthens your tenacity, your commitment and determination to achieve your aspirations in life.

Motivation Advice – The Importance of Focus

You can improve your focus by maintaining your focus on the proper areas. This article shows where your focus should be.

Stop the Procrastination Game

Procrastination is the biggest enemy to progress. It causes a person to miss out on key opportunities. People that procrastinate are often considered to be lazy, but this is not always true. What is the real cause of procrastination? Many factors can cause a person to procrastinate – lack of focus, lack of organization, the inability to set obtainable goals, low self esteem and even fear.

Use Motivational Stories to Increase Your Confidence

Can motivational stories really increase your confidence? Even if they can, why do you want to increase your confidence level? The reason is because your success will depend on it. This article will talk about why reading inspiring stories is such a powerful way to boost your confidence and help you succeed in life.

Use Motivational Speeches to Motivate Your Team

If you want to motivate your team, whether it’s a sports team or a sales team, a great way to do that is by using motivational speeches. Motivating groups of people is one of the challenges people in leadership positions face every day.

Get on Track With Motivational Songs

If you have ever felt like you are falling behind on your goals and yet can’t seem to get the motivation to get back on track, using motivational songs may be the key. Songs have a great way to get you into a certain state of mind. This article will talk about how why music is so powerful when it comes to being able to motivate you, how to get the most out of motivation songs, and how they can help you take consistent action in order to achieve your goals.

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