PAIN IS TEMPORARY – Motivational Speech

Good & Faithful

Are we being faithful and bearing fruit with what God has entrusted to us? Let’s find out how God rewards the faithful who choose to serve Him in the midst of an unfaithful world.

How to Stop Surviving and Start Thriving

You are born to thrive, not just to play it safe in your comfort zone. You might try avoiding failure because it weakens your self-esteem – although failure is a prerequisite for success. Ask any entrepreneur or adventurer, and they will tell you failure is essential. However, I do not wish to embellish this article with positive psychology to make you feel good. So let’s cut to the truth since something drew you here, whether by accident or as a regular reader.

How to Enjoy Simple Things in Life

What we do have is attitude and choice. We have the ability to choose not to be a victim of our condition and therefore adapt an attitude of optimistic confidence in the life we live and the choices we make. I know, this sounds real nice when we read it or we hear some “other person” tell us how it has worked for them. Trust me, I know. Yet, I think this is the moment that we have to challenge ourselves to break the cycle, turn the corner, come out of the dark, or get a move on. However you want to think about it but we have to recognize our moments of truth… and be true to them!

5 Tips for Aspiring Plus-Size Models

Plus-size modeling is a niche industry and can often leave potential models in this category perplexed as to whether they will suit the modeling world. Anyone can be a model if a few guidelines are adhered to well.

3 Steps to Stop Your Procrastination With a Little Communication

Finding time to follow through on a task or get started on a project can be a challenge — even when you feel eager to get started. So, imagine how hard it is to find that time when some part of you is not on board with the undertaking.

Awaken The Dying Dream

Often times we have this beautiful dreams and burning desires to do more than we are doing presently but somehow due to the external influences which is usually within our control we manage not to accomplish those great things and as time goes on we gradually slide into believing we can’t be more or do more and ultimately settle for less than we are capable of. In this article I discussed proven ways that can get you right back on track and move from just wanting to start doing.

The Number 1 Golden Rule To Get Yourself Highly Motivated

A great writer once said, “The heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night.” For this reason, I resolved to work through the challenge of being consistently motivated despite the potential setbacks and hardships I was going to endure down the road Having goals in my life has been a matter of principle. While having and setting goals is one thing, implementing the goals and seeing to their fruition has been another.

Freelancing 101: How to Get Yourself Motivated

Lots of people talk about freelancing in the way they make it sound like it’s always a vacation. As a freelancer, I can somehow attest to that, since I always find to have the option of putting off work and take a nap instead. Very few people to no one won’t tell us the biggest problem of freelancing – how to get your work done throughout the day.

Mentorship Effect on Employee Engagement

If someone is going astray, it is not only the motivation that works, it also demands education to bring him on track and turn him around. Since employee engagement can be one of the most important challenges for the organization. Obviously, even single employee disengagement can become the reason for the company’s decay or bring it down to an unexpected level. It may also drive many co-workers away from achieving their respective goals and costing the company billions.

Repeal and Replace BMI: Make America Strong Again!

In order to make America great again, we need to make America strong again. In the words of John F. Kennedy, “A nation is only as strong as its citizens.” Let’s make childhood obesity prevention the rock solid foundation upon which to build a new, improved, and cost-effective American healthcare system.

The Four Chemicals of Sales Motivation

In this 900 word article, Paul outlines the four chemicals produced naturally by the brain to stimulate and motivate people into action. EDSO – endorphins, dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin. More importantly, Paul also shows you how you can engender these in your salespeople to give them a boost of motivation when needed.

Powerful Guidelines to Make 2017 the Best Year of Your Life

Are you ready to make 2017 the greatest year of your life? Arriving at the end of your coming next to New Year makes you feel accomplished, motivated and in awe of who you’ve ended up in 52 life challenging weeks.

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