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How to Overcome Lack of Focus in Your Business

Lack of focus is a major challenge for many internet business owners. This article briefly discusses about how to overcome lack of focus and accomplish more things in business.

Defining New and Healthier Habits

So you are now two weeks into your New Year’s Resolution, how are you doing? The first couple of weeks of defining new and healthier habits can be tough. You are forming new habits and replacing the old ones.

Having a Big Ego is Good – Business Done With a Big Ego

Every successful person at one point has a big ego in business. It’s a proven fact that having the biggest ego not only intimidates people but it makes business a lot better. The difference between a big ego and not having an ego at all is success. I have always told people to take theirs strengths and match them to your attitude to exceed their own determination.

My Choice to Be in a Homeless Shelter – Bunk 11

I could be wrong, but I am sure there are some people out there that wonder how and ask why I could allow myself to end up on the street and in a homeless shelter. Asking this question would be similar to asking Jews why they allowed themselves to suffer under the hand of a monster like Hitler.

How to Get Back on Track When You’re Feeling Down

Everyone gets into periods of low mood and low energy. What sets great people apart from the rest is how quickly they get back on track again. Here are some tips of how you can get back on track whenever you’re feeling down and learn something useful about yourself in the process.

How to Cure Procrastination and Free Yourself From Laziness

Procrastination in people has gotten out of control. We want to live like celebrities but don’t want to do what it takes to make it there. It is possible to cure your procrastination. Anytime we procrastinate we are delaying an accomplishment.

Increase Your Bottom Line by Taking Care of You

I decided to clear the decks, get back to doing what makes me feel good and re-prioritize what is important right now. One being writing this e-zine and providing you with really great content!

Dissolve Destructive Behavioral Problems Caused by Trauma – Practice 21-Day Rule to Break a Habit

Most of us have experienced pain in our life. As a result, we may have fallen into destructive behaviors of anger, depression, guilt or shame? Is there an easy way to end pain and any associated emotional responses? What is one such practical solution?

Yes, You Can Manifest What You Really Want!

Several years ago I had no idea what it was to manifest. I didn’t understand that by focusing on what you want, you could attract the things you want into your life. I always thought you had to work hard to make things happen.

Our Humble Beginnings Are Not Meant to Humble Us

So many times, I read about people with humble beginnings. By the time these people are relating their stories, they are at a wonderful height in their journey to greatness. This has made me conclude that our humble beginnings are not meant to humble us. They are only there so that the success story can be sweeter later on.

The Year is Already Moving – Start Moving and Keep on Moving!

Welcome to 2010! Many people are still waiting for the year to start before they kick off. They had planned and prepared and it is now time to implement their plans. The only problem is that they feel that the year is just starting. They are still trapped within the merriment that go with January. Some that travelled out of their base stations are yet to go back.

Motivation! How Do We Acquire It?

Where does motivation come from? What is it that gives us that PUSH to do what we say we want to do?

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