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6 Ways Motivation Can Make You Invincible

Having a positive attitude and great spirits serve as a great weapon to catapult the weak and immature rivals and enemies. The more you show them your motivational grace, the more uncomfortable they feel and keep their distance. This article shows several ways motivation can make you invincible.

Making Good Choices

Put down the controller. Turn off the television. It is time to make the choices that will change your life. The reason I know this is because of my history with electronics. Although they offer a great form of communication they were built to entertain for too many hours. When there were no televisions or gaming systems people would do a lot more. We have become one of a lazy society. Yet when I see every human being I see a glint in their eye that tells me that dreams have not died along with it. You have a dream you must make the choice to go out and get it.

How Action Reduces Fear

Action reduces fear, because how many times have you over-thought something only to end up not doing it? Yeah, that was your fear talking.

Overcoming Analysis Paralysis in 6 Simple Steps

Analysis paralysis. Chances are you’re familiar with it. But how is it related to confidence and self-esteem, and what should we do about it?

Why We Treat Strangers Better Than We Treat Our Loved Ones

We shouldn’t treat our loved ones less kindly than we do with strangers. But the reality is that we often do. We need to improve our tolerance of our loved ones’ idiosyncrasies, so that, to take one perspective, we can reach the end of our life without feeling regret about how we treated them.

All Misfortune Is A Stepping Stone To Fortune

No matter how many setbacks you encounter in life, just consider them as part of your stepping stone to your fortune. You will realize how fulfilling it can be when you focus your mindset on the positive things that life brings instead of the problems.

Sometimes You Just Gotta Get Off It

Have you ever gotten a whirlwind of negative thoughts about something important to you? Yeah, me too. What’s even more disheartening is when you know you’re doing it and you can’t get your mind in a good place about the topic.

We Are Not Driven, We Are Propelled – How To Achieve Your Goals

It is very common that we get a goal and have a desire, feeling driven to achieve. Yet we often just drop it and give up. For some people, this is such a common occurrence that their self-esteem deteriorates and they start to feel very discouraged. This article will explain why we get heated up only to have a quick cool down and never finish the tasks we begin, or achieve our goals.

Everything Happens For A Reason, Or, Does It?

It is not a common thing for people to say that everything happens for a reason. That is because there are so many things happening every moment that we could give reason to, which could have tremendous value, but we ignore and just let blow by like a leaf in the wind. Life has lost focus and value because we focus on only the big events, the emotional situations, the things that give us what we are looking for, or conversely, as an excuse to deal with problems or avoid doing unsavoury tasks.

Make Yourself Interesting and Learn to Talk to Strangers

As a senior person many my age complain they are lonely and have nothing much to do. In other words, they are bored and frustrated. When one reaches a certain age it seems that you are no longer needed and when you ask for help from family members they often develop a problem with their health or mind that prevents them from taking you on.

4 Quick Tips to Get Back In the Swing of Things When You’ve Lost Motivation

Events of all sorts come through our lives like hurricanes at times. They sweep and stir up everything in sight and then are suddenly gone only to leave a mess we have to clean up. Relationships, a long absence from work or being down sick can turn our lives upside down and make us less motivated. There are many of these events that have and will occur in our lives, but there comes a point when you have to get back in the swing of things again. Here are 4 Quick Tips to Get Back In the Swing of Things when You’ve Lost Motivation 1. Spend time with people that re-energize you. If you want a double dose of motivation and a cup full of inspiration, hang out with the go-getters of the world. Find the people in your circle that are pushing toward goals, overcoming hurdles and getting crap done. The more time you spend with them, the more apt you will be to get back in the swing of things.

Get Up And Do Something

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time to come in our lives. Whether we like it or not, we, ourselves, are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek. Change starts within us right now, right at this very moment.

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