PROVE THEM WRONG – Best Motivational Speech

Buddha’s Job Is Taken, Jesus Is Dead, Make YOUR Life a Masterpiece

You are an artist. Yes. You. Your Life is your art. Do you like what you see? Art is not just something on piece of paper. Or in a museum. It is your life. Deep within you is a calling, a gift that you’re uniquely here to express. I believe there’s a higher purpose for which you are born, beyond eating, sleeping, and sexing. Something beautiful and profound.

The Poetess Story

I have always known that motivation is the invisible power that makes us achieve our goals. This may be achieved by many different ways.

Who Are You Now?

I struggle with faith; often more than I’d like to admit. Why can’t I trust that between my efforts, the laws of Nature and God watching over me all will work out for the best? I sometimes find myself struggling just to get motivated to go about my daily activities. Fortunately, I am usually able to catch myself before I slip too deeply into this place of doubt, impatience and frustration

The Secret to Growing Manhood 10x Easier – Just Be a Man: Build Life Momentum, Build “Man Momentum”

I’ve written an incredible amount about Manhood, and this is still one of the most important aspects of becoming a real Man. I cannot emphasize it enough. Read it, and then read it again. Hint: It doesn’t just apply to Manhood, it applies to Everything.

Attracting Abundance Is Not Difficult, Here’s Why

It is a universal fact that everybody wants to have abundance in life. Attracting abundance means to have prosperity in all aspects of life, such as wealth, health, relationship, etc. Abundant living does not necessary mean that you need to put it hard work all day long. In actual fact, your mind is a very powerful resource. Your thoughts can actually create the abundance for you.

Job Satisfaction – How to Increase Your Job Satisfaction No Matter Where You Work

When I was just out of high school, in the sauna-like heat of summertime, I delivered fish and poultry to homes in a van that wasn’t air conditioned. The odors alone, were stifling, and once, I was bitten by a dog at someone’s front door. Worst of all, I made minimum wage, and tips were prohibited.

Finishing What You Start – Commit Yourself First and Foremost

It’s really hard to say if there is such a thing as evil in the world, there may not be, or maybe there is? After contemplating evil for long periods of uninterrupted time, I’ve come to the conclusion that evil could be classified as indifference, procrastination, hesitation, laziness, excuses, etc. Now then, let’s talk about procrastination and how that can really throw a loop into your personal success and hurt those around you, people you love or care about who are counting on you for something.

The Happy Ending Is Overrated

The happy ending is overrated. What about the happy now? Forget dying and going to some blissful heaven. Forget retiring and finally enjoying your life. Forget about when you are enlightened and how good it will supposedly feel. This moment is special. This is it.

Motivation Is Key To A Healthy And Fit Family

I get asked all the time, “Was Marine Corps training tough?” To which I respond, “Of course it was, it’s The Corps!” Looking back, there was one key factor that got me through the endless 5:30am workouts, Motivation!

Making Excuses!

I visited Gallup Storytellers Toastmasters Club last Thursday. I was excited to be attending one again. The last time was like 10 years ago!

How an Obsession With Failure Stops You From Being a Man

People constantly flinch, whine and mourn their own weaknesses and failures. How do they think they’re going to outgrow frailties when they spend so much time validating the importance of weakness by their obsession with it. I’m talking about those poor decisions, fears and weaknesses inside of us that some people obsess about constantly, that they waste time regretting and whining about to me.

Move Like a Man – Don’t Rush Me, Don’t Rush You, Don’t Rush Manhood

You only have two choices: 1.) Move at the pace of your inner Man, or 2.) Keep rushing and remain a wuss. I hope this article makes this clear enough that you have the motivation to stop rushing.

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