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Peace Is a Necessity of Life

We are living a life in an era of competitions and challenges. Each day poses hurdles which we need to cross in order to get sound sleep at night. It is not easy to get over the worst things in life, whatsoever. Thus, peace has become paramount and equally difficult to obtain.

Wade and James Relishing the Challenge of the NBA Playoffs

We’ve all witnessed all-star teams crumble under pressure. Elite athletes recognize high performance is more than just the skill set or their technique. Learn how Wade and James remained strong under pressure.

Lessons From The Past

Have you ever wondered what some of your past experiences during your life were trying to teach you to have a better tomorrow? Each of us have a life filled with a variety of circumstances, situations and people that were in our life to help us to learn valuable lessons so that we could use this teaching to create a better future. The problem occurs for many people however when they refuse to see the learning as very personal and choose to point their finger outward or remain in a mindset of blame.

The Experience of Hope and Faith

We so easily run with the world’s way. It’s our biological and learned tendency. And as we look for evidence of the physical, we tend to leave hope on the shelf. All the potential of hope is useless to us; this because we preferred to pass up on faith. Yet, we can as easily invest in Divine fortune.

Staring Fear in the Face and Conquering It

Fear provides us with a choice. We submit to it and are willingly beaten, or we bat up. Fear is an opportunity to acquaint ourselves with Courage. If there were no fear there would be no need of courage. Doing the fearful thing provides meaning for life.

How Self-Talk Has the Power to Affect Your Success Rate

Everyone has the habit of talking to themselves. But you need to be careful of are the kind of talks you have with yourself. They could be the very reason why you haven’t achieved as much as you would like to achieve in your life right now.

Motivational Speeches Can Change Lives for the Better

There are various aspects of getting motivated. In fact, motivational speeches can literally change lives. Do you remember any speech or story which instead of putting you to sleep, motivated to take some action? Such kind of a thing will usually motivate you to work towards a mission which will result in the shift of your destiny.

Failure Is Not an Option In Fact It’s Not Even Real

As you look across the American landscape it is quite evident that something is quite different. Yes, I am aware that we are currently living in the greatest economic crisis our country has seen since the Great Depression. Unemployment numbers are still in the double digits. Our government has let the American public down, but this is not what I am referring to. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, right-wing, left-wing, no-wing or broken-wing for that matter. As a whole something is missing in the American mindset and I am going to reveal what it is.

Motivation Starts From Home

Sweet home is the first place that inspires you to do your best in life. Motivation lies in every single element of the house. It’s not only your parents but pets play an equally crucial role in motivating a child.

Against The Wind

Do you want instant gratification, or do you want reward after the challenge? I don’t believe there is a right or wrong; it was just the sweet experience that day for me from the decision to battle first and then get the reward. You see, if I had done the easy part first, well, I could have been rewarded with the wind lowering its force and smoothing out and have experienced a more gentle return trip – but we never know what’s around the corner in life – by the same token it could all have gotten worse.

How To Change Your Life In Ten Easy Steps

How to change your life in ten easy steps is easy to say but not quite so easy to achieve. However, if you have the self-discipline and truly want to succeed, it can be done – here are some words of encouragement from Emmanuel James “Jim” Rohn, “For things to change for you – you have to change” – which just about says all there is to say. In other words – if you want it, it is yours.

Day Dreaming?

“One man’s daydreaming is another man’s day.” Grey Livingston. Have you ever found yourself way up river without a paddle and not know how you got there? How can it be that we can go on auto-pilot only to wake up and find ourselves in an unexpected place; not necessarily a good spot either.

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