Psychologist SHOWS YOU How You Could Cultivate More EMPATHY in Your Life | Jamil Zaki

How Did I Get To Point “M”?

How bad do you want success? What happens when you get stuck in the middle on the road to success?

Why You Cannot Be Motivated?

The basic rule I believe in is, “Nobody can motivate anybody.” Why? Because, motivation is internal. It is within. It has to come from within.

How Big Is Your Faith?

In these tumultuous times, the size of your Faith is a critical barometer to your ability to persevere. It often determines the difference between overwhelming victory and crushing defeat. The size of your Faith can mean crossing over with the winning score or getting stopped an inch short of the goal line.

3 Practical Ways To Tackle Midlife Crisis at Any Age

The array of emotions in our human consciousness is complex and at times hard to place. By ‘hard to place’ I mean hard to ‘push meaning into’ or putting it another way hard to really ‘use to our personal advantage’. As life goes through the ebb and flow of its journey, sometimes the highs are eclipsed by lows that leave us longing for the past, or for experiences to enrich our existence. As human beings we want to live fulfilled, purpose driven lives, I believe this is possible and necessary. If we take time to consider; ‘Why are we here?’ And endeavor to occupy our time and resources in its pursuit and fulfillment, I believe we’ll not only realize our destiny but also achieve a genuine sense of satisfaction. Maybe you find yourself asking questions about life, maybe you feel inadequate to life’s challenges. Sometimes frustration at life’s way of snuffing out our best efforts makes us feel hopelessness despite being optimistic people. Let us examine four antidotes, so that wherever we currently find ourselves, we can kiss meaninglessness goodbye. And step into a purposefulness that can infuse new life and reignite a vital spark to overcome midlife blues.

We Can’t Do Enough

Many times we feel like we are bombarded with things to do. We have responsibilities at home, at work, at school. We have obligations to God, to others and to ourselves. We want a balanced life with a clean home, great relationships and good health.

Coming Out Of Grief – The Process And the Problem

Grief strikes everyone of us sometime or the other in our lives. Many of us find it difficult to come out of it. People get stuck in grief and find it unable to move forward. The situation is similar to a vehicle getting stuck in deep mud and not moving out of it despite frantic efforts made by people.

How to Use Positive Affirmations for a Better Life

The subconscious mind can be programmed to give you a better life. Positive affirmations are a great way to achieve this programming for success.

Size Does Matter

Whichever context you take this statement to mean. Size does matter in whichever element you look at. The size of your house. The size of the wedding ring you buy and how tall you are all have an effect on how the opposite sex judges and perceives you.

Simple Steps That Don’t Cost Anything to Help Motivate Yourself

One thing is for certain; when it comes to motivating yourself the fact is, if you are stressed or anxious it is much more difficult to get out of a slump because neurotransmitters in our brains regulate mood. They affect your thoughts, feelings and motivation.

Four Things That Can Destroy a Footballer’s Career

Footballers are always at the wrong side of the press whenever something goes wrong in their career. In this article, I will be sharing four things that can tarnish the image and career of a player.

Inspiring Business Quotes and Sayings: Their Impact and How to Use Them

To the casual observer, business practice can seem bound by rigid rules, and in some cases it is. But in others, it’s an evolving approach to new opportunities and the evolving roles of businesspeople. Unlike the values of traditional business practice, the values of evolving practice often channel the humanities as much as they do the sciences, resulting in aphorisms-also referred to as maxims, quotations, sayings, and quotes-that have value beyond literary appeal. The following quote by Bill Gates is a good example: “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”

Every Bold Vision Statement Shall Be Tested

Whenever you are about to embark on a major breakthrough project and you make the statement that, “I am going to do this”, you have put your head on the block and you have made a commitment right there. There is no more turning back because you have just iterated your vision and what is left is execution if you as good as your word. The test of how serious you are will soon materialize when the courage of your convictions will be tested. It will be subjected to scrutiny by friends and enemies alike. The pressure that comes from this attention alone can be quite daunting.

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