PUSH THROUGH THE PAIN – Best Motivational Speech

I’m Still Here

There are all kinds of consequences from dealing with stress. The body can be extremely resourceful, but at the same time extremely damaging. As men we like to hold in and take it like a man. I can only speak as a man and can’t comment on women. Holding it all in just makes it come out another way when we reach our limit.

Make a New Path

Go on any well known trail, be it running, hiking, or mountain biking and you will see the path naturally laid out for you. The more people travel that path, the more visible and established it is. There is not a path made that hasn’t been travelled.

Motivated By The Taste of Success

When we focus on what we have already accomplished throughout our lives, it often becomes easier to continue making progress. Our past experiences become a motivational tool. And once we get a taste of success, we develop an appetite for more.

Hypnotherapy That Works Is Not a Single-Shot Affair

The first thing that I tell a new hypnotherapy client is that I cannot tell them how many sessions it’s going to take, because I don’t know. If the hypnotherapist does not get rid of the negative energy in the subconscious on the layer of consciousness on which he’s working, any new program put on to the subconscious hard drive will simply evaporate because the negative energy in the subconscious is supporting the old programs that are causing the problem. The subconscious hard drive is a virtual hard drive because the subconscious mind is actually a parallel processing analog super bio computer, and because it has a virtual hard drive, it has to be programmed because that’s how computers work.

Using Rejections As The Springboard To Your Success

Rejection is not the real issue. Instead the fear of rejection is what is holding people back. Learn to use rejections as the springboard to your success by applying these 5 suggestions.

Crystal Singing Bowls: A Healthier Life Through Sound

For most people, crystal singing bowls are an alien concept. In truth, if we send a regular couple a set as a wedding present, they might very unfortunately mistake them as serving bowls. Without further information, everyday folk like you and me do not know and will probably never learn about the many benefits sound therapy via crystal singing bowls can bring.

Dare to Make the Difference – Keep Yourself Motivated to Learn

Learning is a never-ending process. It contains no restrictions and leaves you always wanting for more. However, without the right motivation and the zeal to stay motivated, learning will be both meaningless and worthless. In order to learn, the choice to stay motivated must come from within. You can be influenced but should never be forced to learn.

3 Simple Tips to Help Get Things Done

Many of us struggle with a very simple problem – how to get motivated, get moving and more done. We beat ourselves up over this all the time, and often spend more time worrying than actually doing. This article explores a few simple techniques to re-tip the balance and quite simply get more things done.

Never Be The Same

When we go through the days in our lives we quickly learn things are never the same. We have changes in our jobs, our home life and our other regular routines. We may get up one morning expecting to do certain things but that doesn’t happen. We need to understand and be flexible in our daily routines to know there will be bumps along the way.

How To Attain Greatness

Why do some people seem destined for greatness while others for mediocrity? Is this some sort of predisposition people are born with?

Words Of Motivation: The Dangers Of Labels

I have some words of motivation for you: we humans are different to buzzards. We choose what we do in life. We select what we are. Some may find that hard to believe but it is true nonetheless.

The Single Most Powerful Motivation Tool – Your Imagination

Imagine that you have wrestled with a problem for a several years. Like a splinter in your mind, always there, nagging, reminding you that there is an unresolved question. I think that this is how Albert Einstein felt as he turned over and over in his mind two scientific “laws” that directly contradicted each other.

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