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Under The Guise of Care and Concern

Have you ever met the type I am referring to? People who are correcting you because they care? People who are sharing with you for your own good and growth? People who show you every mistake and dark nook and cranny of your soul because they want to see you live a life of freedom, prosperity and possibilities? So why is it then that you continually feel shamed, blamed, made wrong and angered by these people who are there to love, support and guide you?

Commit To Applying Lessons Learned

When growing up as a child, the concept of learning a lesson becomes so routine, that many of us just set it aside as unimportant like many other principles that otherwise should be heeded.

Mind Power

You mind has the power to conquer the world of your dreams

How Much Risk Is Too Much To Take?

Advice and tips on managing risk in uncertain times.


Positive thought is essential to produce positive results. Negative thoughts and emotions weakens the immune system, while positive thought and emotions boost the immune system. Master Visualization and achieve your vision and your dreams

The Power Of The Brain

How the Brain works?

Motivation: Just Do It!

Do you have trouble exercising or even more so, finding the time to exercise? There is a solution, and it’s all in the mind.

Power Of The Mind

How to programme your mind?

A Perfect World … Imbalance Creates Motivation

We all strive for perfect balance. But, what do we do when we get there? Controlled imbalance can provide the motivation to keep us moving toward our goals.

Context-Free Living … Living Without Boundaries!

Simplify your belief systems! Drop the excess baggage that weighs you down and blurs your vision! Gain access a vast amount of information and resources that you never thought possible!

Letting Events Control Your Life … Dropping The Negatives And Moving On!

Align your life in the direction you desire, drop the negatives, and begin moving forward. Soon enough, you’ll be moving too fast for anything negative to catch you!

The Answer Is The Question … Asking The Right Questions!

We all have questions about our lives, directions, and destinies. Learn to manifest positive destinies by issuing positive questions and demands of the Universe as it all comes down to the fact that we truly “get what we ask for”.

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