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Speak Freely

Our intuition stimulates us to stand up for ourselves, to create our own unique direction to live our life. It encourages us to get away from the smallness, release the burden of limitations and claim our emotional independence. If we don’t do this at the right moment and disregard the advice from our intuition, we will be piling up frustrations and annoyances.

Remould Your Spiritual Statue

From the moment we were born, we have been taught by grown up people how to live our lives The more we have been limited in our own free expression during the growing up period, the more frustrated persons we are now and the more we hear the voices in our head tell us what to do and what not to do.

Techniques for Overcoming Procrastination

This article looks at ways in which a person can over come procrastination in their life. The majority of people wish to avoid doing things which are either unpleasant, tiring, difficult or may cause anxiety This is only natural. Today procrastination is on the increase …

Bull Riding Days

Keeping a good attitude is like riding a bull. You will get knocked-off. The key is how fast you can get back on and ride.

Perfectionism – When High Standards Attack!

Perfectionism seems to imply a high standard of performance, but it has a dark side. Learn how to create a more effective standard for success and achievement that inspires action and improves your performance and productivity.

Consistency – Parent of Progress, Cornerstone of Success

There are many factors which can contribute to progress towards a goal and ultimate success. However, there is one, consistency, that must be there or the end will almost certainly not be achieved.

How to Rescue Your Soul Through the Art of Forgiveness – Getting Your Spin Back! Part One

When tragedy happens and someone really hurts us like in the crimes of sexual abuse it is difficult to go from victim to survivor. We try and conjure up all sorts of ways to deal with it. We may try revenge, we may try getting justice served, we may try letting time heal our wounds, or say to ourselves it wasn’t our fault, or we may just try to forget it happened. All of these have been tried by many victims of crime but the way to rescue your soul from the pain is forgiveness and in two articles I will bring this truth to light in the best way that my writing style would allow.

Honesty – The Sure Fire Way to You Landing a Man Like Billy Joel

Not only did I grow up with Billy Joel and His songs are still there way deep into sacred places in my heart, I had the pleasure some twenty years ago to meet two people that knew Billy personally and was able to ask them a lot of questions. So you want to date that CEO and have him marry you. Well it might pay to be the woman that Billy was looking for in this song. Let me explain…

Batter Up!

A few summers ago, I started playing softball in a men’s league here in Sussex. Before we started, I learned that the team that I was signing up for came in dead last, the previous season. “Oh well”, I thought “how bad could it have been”? When I asked the question to the coach, he told me that they didn’t even win one game that year, so they had no-where to go but up!

Vibrant Life

Few of us reach our full potential. The article suggests some ways in which this can be corrected and we can become what we were meant to be.

Find and Maintain Your Motivation

How to find and maintain your motivation to reach a goal.

The Keys to the Freedom of Life

Many people still believe that life is a battle. However if we investigate our inner beings, we will be able to get more out of life.

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