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Prevent Motivation Troughs Using These Quick Tips

What is motivation? How do we find ourselves caught in a downward spiral where motivation simply disappears? How can we change ourselves and become that motivated person who gets the job done, and does it well?

Four Killers That Just Plague Motivation

If the plague was to be avoided, then surely these four killers of motivation should also be seen as a plague themselves. This article will focus on the four major killers of motivation. Hopefully by the time the reader has finished reading this, they may make a self assessment and rid themselves of these destructive little hang-ups.

The Interesting Science Behind Motivation

Motivation works on so many levels and varies so much from person to person that it often becomes difficult to pin down the factors that influence motivation for all people. This article will explore the two main forces that influence every decision that we make, and that guides the motivations that we have.

Keeping Motivated to Lose Weight and Remain Healthy

One of the biggest challenges today is the ability to motivate one’s self into a healthy lifestyle. Losing weight is only one part of a healthy lifestyle, but for some it is the most important part! The longer it takes you to realise that the change must come from within, the higher the risk is that tomorrow may never come. Many of today’s modern diseases are preventable; it just takes a little motivation.

Using Intrinsic Motivation to Create Success and Financial Freedom

We all know that most self-start businesses have the potential to be successful or failures within the first months of operation. What we may not understand is the importance of intrinsic motivation, and the role it plays in the development of a successful business. Whether you are Steve Jobs, or the janitor at the Apple factory, intrinsic motivation is the key to how well you do your job and how successful you are at your job.

Learned Optimism

Optimism is defined as a disposition to expect the best possible outcome or to emphasize the most positive aspects of a situation. The opposite of optimism is pessimism. Scientists have proved that optimism is an antidote to depression and other psychosomatic illnesses.

How to Motivate Your Employees to Full Potential

In today’s modern world employee motivation has become more and more relevant in our working environments. The role of the manager has become that of motivator as well, and this may lead some to question: “How do I motivate my employees?”

Challenging Yourself to Be Motivated

Getting through your day consists of moving from one step to the next in search of success however you may choose to qualify it. Motivating yourself to reach your highest potential involves discovering a way to keep aiming high, and facing a challenge is often one of the best ways to do so. Challenges and motivations often work simultaneously, causing you to use the energy of one to feed the other.

How to Overcome Lack of Motivation During Exercise

The numerous exercise tapes are taken from their dusty hiding places and health shakes, fruits and vegetables are stacked in the fridge. For the first week, maybe two, a strong regimen is upheld which involves a healthy diet and adequate exercise and then after a while the health foods begin to taste insipid and are then replaced by drinks, soda pops, cakes and snacks, while the exercise equipment may not be repacked and stuffed underneath the bed, they are often pushed aside and placed in a corner.

Flexible Optimism

What do you do when the situation is beyond your control? How can optimism help you when the future if loaded with uncertainties?

What Happens When Motivation Fails

When we put forth a constant effort to be positive and behave in a positive manner, yet the day comes to an end and you are lacking that motivation. What causes this type of motivational failure? How can we beat it?

Take Your Life Off the Auto Pilot

Man’s most precious gift is his life, and it is given him once to live. In a sense life is a great equalizer. Both the small and the great are given only one shot at life.

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