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Strategy 4: Enjoying The Journey

This is the forth of a series of articles on how to achieve a dream. Written by a 58 year old woman born with cerebral palsy, the articles reveal a personal look into her journey of accomplishing many tasks that no one believed possible. This forth article encourages one to prepare for the journey into the unknown and to accept and be willing to work through the barriers that crop up

When Life Throws Me Lemons

When life throws me lemons, I sit back and drink lemonade…while throwing artillery rounds back at life. Sometimes life can get overwhelming. Sometimes, it seems as though we aren’t making any progress at all. Sometimes, life can just throw so much crap at us that we have no idea which direction to go or what to do next. When you are on the path of personal development or personal growth, there will always be times when where you are heading seems so far away. You need to remember to reflect back on where you have been, and how far you have traveled.

When Others Don’t Believe in You, Believe in Yourself

Your dreams are yours and yours alone. Here are uplifting and motivational thoughts on achieving them despite lack of support from friends or family.

Finding Motivation – Your A To Z Guide

Pain is a great motivator for change. When we suffer embarrassments or humiliation, we need to learn to stand up for ourselves and speak out. To improve ourselves, we need to be highly motivated. This can come in the form of a friend’s rags to riches story, an inspirational movie or self-help books, perhaps on the Law of Attraction or the Science of Getting Rich. Keeping motivated and positive is crucial. The A to Z tips below will help in actualizing the Law of Attraction.

Procrastination Cure – A Simple Tip To Cure Procrastination

While many are looking for a simple and easy cure for procrastination these days, the honest truth is there is no simple secret, magic, or hypnosis to just instantly cure procrastination. But don’t be overwhelmed or alarmed, we do have some very helpful tips of helping cure procrastination.

How Would You Eat An Elephant?

Some advice on how to approach learning about your subconcious mind, and the affect it has on your life

Inventing Yourself as a Child to Be a Winner

Have you ever considered why some people excel at nearly everything that they do? It is interesting to watch these people. Perhaps you want your offspring to be like this when they grow up? Well that is entirely possible considering most believe that it is 80% nature, 20% nurture. How can you do this? Well, teach your children to be winners.

Meaning Of Your Life and The Law Of Attraction

Have you asked yourself “What is the meaning of my life?” No matter what the answer is, learning and understanding the Law Of Attraction helps.

Without This – No Success

When people fail in their first initiative and rework the plan, they have this. New business, new year, and no money with no income in sight; if you reevaluate your efforts and keep on trying, you have this. If you are in doubt and everyone around you tells you to give up but you do not listen, you have this.

Who Do You Want To Be

The point is that when your young and the slate is clean and you get asked “what do you want to be when you grow up”? Nobody never raises their hands and says. I want to be a failure or I want to live I poverty. Nobody says that I want to be a drunk or a quitter. Those are all characteristics that are ingrained in you through the years by what you do and see. When your young and naïve you have the characteristics of hope and ambition.

TACT – The Inner Process – The Secret Law of Attraction

Inner Process of TACT formula – Start with Visualization, Inspired Action, and Just Do it.

Look Ahead – Not Back

Finding it difficult to go forward with your life? Do you want to move forward with your life and be a true success? Learn how you can be an overcomer in your life and live a successful life!

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