RISE | Best Motivational Video Compilation of 2021 (So Far)

Perseverance – The Key to Excellence

Are you experiencing so many problems and challenges everyday while you were in the middle of your goal? Do you encounter so many discouragement and rejections while you were on the way to success? Are you giving up when you feel that you are a failure?

The Four Towers of Personality Development

I have a Psychology class when I was in college. My teacher that time was my favorite because the class is new to me and I learned a lot of things about human behavior. One lesson that I can’t forget is about these four essential life ingredients that are very crucial to our development.

What Do We Most Yearn, Search, and Aspire For?

At our most visceral soul-heart, we yearn, we search, we aspire. Nothing can crush these eternal desires wired most directly into us. Most of all, any of us is capable of searching out – with God, our Maker – this golden triumph of personal identity.

What’s in Your Mirror?

There is something incredibility powerful about looking in the mirror. Change takes place there first. You see what you have been. You see who is responsible for who you are. You see the only person who can change the situation.

Stop Thinking, Start Doing!

I speak with many people who read countless self help books by popular motivational gurus and could recite countless passages of their insightful wisdom. Many of them buy into the philosophies they read, but they remain unhappy. They remain unhappy because they don’t practice what they preach and are not lead to where they truly want to be.

Steps to Motivating Others

Motivation is the instigation of action that is also the engine of achievement. Motivation is the crucial ingredient to develop toughness and capability to get back on your knees when knocked down with dejection and sorrow.

Our Mindset For the Past, Present, and Future

The line between people who win and those who lose can be fuzzy. People assign the label of “winner” or “loser” with ease, based on failures and successes, without having to acknowledge how people ended up in one category instead of the other.

Success is Not Always Making the Boss Happy

There are many demands in the office and we often forget there are others that need help and support to be successful, including the boss. The approach most people use is to focus on the boss and neglect to ensure that their own objectives and agendas are satisfied.

Motivation Vs Discipline

Have you ever wondered why you weren’t able to stick with the new project, or diet, or relationship that you were so excited about? This article illustrates why relying on motivation to drive your actions and behavior is a long-term loser; replace that motivation with discipline.

It’s Time to Make Yourself a Priority Already

I’m not in the habit of mincing words, so let me just say that life can totally suck. People get sick and die.

Self Fulfillment Comes With Self Motivation

Motivation can be looked up on in many different ways and the way you look at it may also define the way you live your life. When it comes to our daily activities, it takes some people a longer time to get things done because they are not really motivated to do it so they drag their feet.

How to Get Your Mojo Back – 7 Steps For Getting Back Into the Game of Life

took some time away from my regular life recently. A family member who lived in another state was having major surgery and I went to be with him. It felt like I dropped out of my world for a few weeks. When I returned I was surprised to find that I was having trouble getting motivated to get going again.

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