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How to Stop Procrastinating and Start Prepping

Procrastination is the persistent habit of putting off doing things you need (and want) to do. It’s always easier to put off what needs to be done, instead of actually done it. Or so we thank – excuses come easily as we rationalize our self defeating acts of procrastination. I used to have the same problem.

How to Motivate Your Employees Without Money – 3 Employee Motivation Techniques That Work Like Magic

Now that we have an economic crisis looming above our heads, learning how to motivate your employees without money becomes more important than ever. Doing this can help you improve the overall performance of your employees.

Change Your Life – Do Something Different

How can you change your life? Think of your life as being like a spreadsheet. Just like a spreadsheet when you change one thing, since everything is interconnected and dependent on each other, everything else changes.

Preparing Yourself to Come Home and Be a WAHM

Whether you are being laid off or you are quitting your job, you must be prepared before you can make it happen. Unfortunately there are times when we can’t be prepared, but if you can it will make things so much easier both financially and mentally.

Do WAHM’s Have to Give Things Up to Stay at Home?

At times we all have to give things up. With the way the economy is right now, more and more people are giving things up to survive. Well work-at-home-mom’s give up more than others just so they can be at home and be around for their family when they need them.

Procrastination – Do it Now

Every day we’re forced to make choices. Success lies in store for people who have the ability to make quick and wise selections; while failure and angst falls to those whose lives are plagued by indecision. This is probably the most crippling of all the acquired vices, a bad habit which is nowadays a major cause of anxiety, distress and under achievement.

When Do You Decide Enough is Enough?

When it comes to following your purpose, when do you decide that enough is enough? Don’t fear the journey, live it and be excited!

Give Your Services First

Nature is a perfect balance. (There are no manipulations or hidden interests.) To go along smoothly with this perfect scheme, all we have to do is, ‘honor some basic laws’.

Make Your Vision a Reality

“Early to bed, and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”- Remember this? Yes, this is one among many that has gained more popularity in the 21st century. People wave around different facets of life and the hope to be healthy, wealthy and intelligent. All the three are blended to deliver a well balanced life. A man feels the utmost happiness when all these wishes are fulfilled.

You’ll See – Indeed!

Walking home from late nights at bars as a young man, I would often render this very disgruntled salutation: ‘You’ll see!’ I had the presence of faith and belief in myself, despite a disparaging time with so-called friends. They proved the making of me.

Maintaining Your Self-Motivation to Achieve Your Goal

Are you constantly feeling tired and bored when you are at work? Do you find yourself lack the self-motivation to be proactive? If you are, you are not in the right job. If you were given an option to change to something you love doing, would you change immediately? I bet you would without a second thought. But who is preventing you from making that choice? Is it your family, your boss or you? Give some thoughts to that question and you will soon find out that it is you who is preventing yourself from the change.

Improving Yourself – Self Help Motivation

Where can you find motivation? The truth is it is all around us if you know where to look. But with all the daily routines and events we may often feel overwhelmed and finding the motivation to be effective and productive in our daily tasks can often be overwhelming.

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