ROUTINES and HABITS to Get Mentally TOUGH, Achieve Your Goals, and Do The IMPOSSIBLE!

The Law of Vibration

The law of vibration helps us understand how to attract what we want into our lives. The law of vibration and how it governs our lives unless we govern it.

Female Motivational Speakers – Making a Connection With the Audience

Sometimes the best way to go when looking for a motivational speaker for any event is to find a speaker that really can identify with your group’s demographics. In other words, if you have a women’s group that requires a motivational speaker, it can be a wonderful idea to look into female motivational speakers specifically. This will instantly lend credibility to the speaker, especially if the topic of the speech is one that affects women specifically and also help the audience to identify with what the speaker is saying from the very first time she opens her mouth.

5 Secrets to 6 Figures – Eric Liddell Left a Legacy of Motivation

My favorite movie is Chariots of Fire. It offers a clear demonstration of the power of motivation. Maybe you’ve seen it.

Five Secrets to Six Figures – Albert Gray Was Right – Motivation – Part 2

Our goals and dreams must reflect what’s really in our hearts where our true motivations lie. Only then can we sustain the achievement of worthwhile goals toward our divine destiny. Only then will we find satisfaction in our work because we are simply acting out on the outside what God has put inside us.

8 Fabulously Quick Motivation Tips For Your Road to Fabulous Success

Statistics indicate that more than 90% of the population has a dream that we never accomplished. That makes me think. What makes the other fabulous 10% so successful? The secret is that they’ve learned how to motivate themselves to take action and not give up.

US $100,000 Success Secret

A young man went to Andrew Carnegie – the richest steel company billionaire in US in his age. The young man offered him the guaranteed simple success formula that could increase his income. But he wanted spectacular amount of money in return. He wanted US $100,000.

Ignite Your Passion – 4 Simple Steps to Transform Your Life

Passion can drive us forward toward amazing accomplishments and transform our life, but we must first ignite that passion and allow it to take hold in our lives. This article will give you 4 simple steps to follow to identify and ignite YOUR passion.

Motivation – The 3 Aspects of Human Behavior You Must Know to Succeed

Motivation can be defined in numerous ways, but there are two basic definitions or descriptions. It can be defined as the main reason or reasons that individuals partake in a certain behavior, specifically human behavior pursuant to the study of psychology or neuropsychology. It can also be defined as the driving force that initiates and drives an individual’s behavior. It is the internal energy that propels us to achieve our goals. Typically, it is considered to be a dynamic state of mind not concerned with personality. What are three aspects of human behavior that motivation is based and founded in?

What Are You Pouring Your Life Into?

Have you ever “poured” your life or energy into something or someone… even after you knew deep down in your heart that it wasn’t worth it? Were you successful? What were the returns?

Own It!

The way to self improvement is to own your successes as well as your failures. It’s your responsibility to take our life into your own hands.

From a Magazine Ad to a New Philosophy of Life?

It sounds wacky, huh? Why would anyone – anyone who’s sane, that is – think that a few dozen words they discovered in a magazine ad would make a great philosophy to live by. The world already has more philosophers than it needs. And they’ve written millions of words describing or defending their varied philosophies. What great wisdom could possibly come from the mind of some nameless copywriter?

Self-Motivation – Discover the Power of a Thankful Attitude and Stand on the Threshold to Success

Do you always see the glass half empty? Negative attitudes are very common. But what many people don’t know is that the way you can see things or picture them will determine the outcome of what will happen. Our imagination is like a spiritual womb that births the circumstances around us. By discovering the power of a thankful attitude, your imagination will work for you instead of against you, and this will automatically affect the circumstances in your life.

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