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What Gets You All Fired Up?

What does the Energizer bunny, Powerade & vitamins all have in common? It’s what all of us have & could use more of. Better yet, if channeled properly, we have the ability to effect change not only in us but also in the lives of others. Still no clue as to what it is? Then, take a gander at this…

How to Begin to Motivate Yourself to Succeed

Do you have the courage to be what YOU want to be instead of what THEY want you to be but don’t know where to begin? You have to start somewhere so why not here?

Motivation Keys

You don’t have to struggle with motivation levels going up and down. You can maintain constant motivation on your way to hitting your goals successfully. There are 3 keys to maintaining high levels of motivation on a consistent basis.

Motivation 101 – The Last Article You Will Ever Need About Motivation!

Everyone who is unsuccessful looks for motivation outside of themselves. They believe motivation has to come from someone else or some other thing. This article will dispel all the wrong belief about motivation and why you must develop the only true type of motivation: Self-Motivation!

The Right MindSet

The mind is like a garden that needs nurturing. Weeds (negative thoughts) can destroy it. We need to remove the weeds (negative thoughts) and also plant new seeds (positive affirmations) for the garden to grow.

How Can Mom Stay Motivated? – 8 Non-Traditional Tips For a Motivated Mom

Too often mom’s lose themselves when they get into mommy/mother/wifey mode. And most of the time neither son/daughter nor husband is going to pull them up and say hey, don’t forget about you. So who does that leave it up to? Well, yes, you’re right: You!

How to Stay Happy – The Art of the Happy Dance

The true power that lies at the core of the Happy Dance is all about agreement. Agreeing with the Universe that you should be affirmed. Agreeing that you are entitled to come up with a great idea, deserve to win a prize, or that your hard work should be validated is incredibly life affirming.

Let Your Pain Bring You Happiness

We all want to find a way to be happier, right? Have you ever thought that maybe in order to bring about changes in our life, we must associate extreme pain to not doing what we need to do? This is a great way to motivate you to make changes toward what you know is going to bring you pleasure.

How to Improve Your Life – Two Principles to Help You Vastly Improve Your Life

Improving oneself ought to be a life long quest. If you’re looking for good solid answers for how to improve your life, you’ll really benefit from studying the following life principles designed to help you do just that.

Collect Your Successes – It’ll Bring Value to Your Life Even When You’re in the Valley

During challenging times it can be really tough to believe that we can make it through and even doubt that any progress is being made. But I’m advocating that each of us reflect on what’s going well and keep our minds stayed on that by doing what I like to call: Collecting your Successes.

Procrastination – 3 Little Known Ways to Beat It

Do you have tons of great dreams and goals, but somehow always find yourself procrastinating? I sure do (well, I used to, anyway). Procrastination sucks!

5 Steps to Combat Motivation Deflation

We all know that motivation is about as temperamental as a two year old, right? That being said, it’s to our benefit to stay conscious of the 5 energies that can severely short circuit and deflate our motivational mindset.

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