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How to Stay Motivated in the Face of Office Politics

When you are out in the business world, whether it be as a house painter or a lawyer, you will almost always encounter some form of office politics. If you are lucky, you will find employment with a good, decent firm that has a fine management team, but you have to be prepared for the reverse to be the case.

What Are You Afraid Of?

Paralyzed by fear? Many people are. How to stop worrying and start living.

The Reason For Haters

I have been hated on by people my whole life and its use to make cry. I remember coming home from school with tears running down my face but I have come to realize that those people are just jealous. I no longer cry over what people say or do to me I take it as motivation they want to see me fall apart and become this miserable sad person but I don’t give them the satisfaction.

Are You Traveling Or on a Journey?

How you travel may reveal a great deal about how you live the moments of your life. Read more to see if you’re just traveling or on a journey.

Your Personal Declaration of Independence

Life can be overwhelming. Sometimes, all it takes to make it better is YOU taking a stand to make changes. Read how you can get started.

Contrast – A Wagner Opera and Its Lessons For a Fulfilling Life

In the midst of all the shrill and the funny faces of a Wagner opera, life struck me with an essential truth. What does Wagner have to say about our most difficult moments?

Dynamics of the Human Spirit, Truths, Concepts and Procedures

The miracle contained within God’s creation of the human body teaches many lessons. While being surprisingly simple it is also profoundly complex. When subjected to the scrutiny of being put under the microscope, what do we find?

Triumphs – What Are Yours? What Do They Mean to You?

I chose Triumph(s) for this article, because I am working on my upcoming e-book and toolkit, “Prosperity: The 9 Major Triumphs of a Portfolio Career.” It is subtitled: You Can Have and Do It All! – Experience a Life You Love, Filled with Abundance. In an earlier article, I wrote about how important variety is to me. I have discovered through my free Portfolio Career assessment/test that there is a plethora of others who also love variety and want to experience the success and triumphs of living a Portfolio Career (many different careers at the same time).

It’s Your Life – How Do You Want To Live It?

Your life is moving at a remarkably fast pace. You get up, get ready and start your day. Are you out the door, bracing for rush-hour traffic, heading to work? Are you rushing to get the kids ready, lunches and backpacks packed, and off to school? Have you been up for the midnight, 2am and 4 am feedings, and are now getting up at 6am, ready to “start” your day? Let’s not forget about the deadline at work and the science project your child (and you) has to do for the science fair. Are you somewhere in between all this, or maybe a combination of all of this? Is there a small part of you that is waiting for this life train to stop, so you can get off and take a moment to just breath?

How to Discover Your Purpose in One Simple Step

There are plenty of books out there that teach you how to discover your purpose. But what I have found is that many of the books involve very long drawn processes to help you tap into your subconscious mind in order to discover your purpose.

How to Stay Motivated Around Negative People

The world is filled with a great deal of negativity at times. Negative people are those who see no hope for themselves and because they see none for themselves want to try to take hope from others by discouraging them. Negative people don’t want to see you succeed because they haven’t succeeded. Some negative people want to keep you where they are themselves: in the pit of self-pity and negativity; others are the loved ones that fear for you and don’t believe you can succeed and they don’t want to see you hurt, so they try to dissuade you from trying anything new.

How to Stay Motivated in the Face of a Mounting Work Load!

Motivation is one of the main contributing factors towards success. The best skills, education and experience can amount to precious little in the absence of a sense of motivation towards your work.

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