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5 Top Tips On How to Be Motivated

It’s no secret that in order to reach your personal development goals, you need a fire within, driving you toward success… but how can you find the daily motivation you need to bring you from where you are now to where you want to be? Here are five tips that will help you discover how to be motivated in your life.

5 Motivational Lessons to Learn From Keynote Speakers

Keynote speakers are the prime attraction at seminars or conferences. Audiences attend them based on the capabilities and specialties of the keynote speaker. The designated person shoulders the tremendous responsibility of arousing interest in an area and urging the attendees towards an action.

Decisions And More Decisions

Facing a difficult decision? Expect to have to deal with one in the near future? Putting off a decision for any number of reasons? Let’s talk about it.

How to Motivate Yourself to Achieve More

In order to get things done on time, you need to know how to motivate yourself. You see, people happen to wait for others to motivate them to go to work. They wait to be motivated by the outside forces.

Why Am I Still Hungry, Tired, and Unsatisfied After I Eat Real Food: Stress, and Fear

Feeling full like you were when you were a child, is a challenge, as an aging adult. More nutrients are required, and eating a variety of foods is essential. The challenge is feeding your body with the foods, that will satisfy you sooner and prevent over-eating. Combinations of food work best, because foods work together to enhance absorption. The fear, is losing control, no you will gain control.

3 Ways To Beat Laziness

The secret of becoming truly motivated and quashing laziness once and for all is in striving for concrete goals that you have visualized. Successful people use this strategy every day of their lives. it’s time you started too.

What Motivates You

What motivates you? Or a better question could be – what de-motivates you? Let’s take a brief look at both issues. Motivators and de-motivators.

Everything Ends (on Earth)

Ever experienced an ending? A relationship – a career – a business – a way of life – or any major or minor life situation? The answer for everyone is – Yes. Having experienced a number of endings during my life I was thinking today about how temporary life is (on earth that is).

The Pitfalls of Pride

Pride is a human trait that can ruin your life or it can give you success, happiness and contentment. Why the difference?

Who Is Responsible to Create That Perfect Future?

As part of the research towards my PHD, I have been studying a number of super achievers from all around the world. The objective of my research was to try to identify all the traits, these super achievers had in common. There were a number of traits I identified, but the ones I felt were the most pertinent, were the following, a crystal clear vision, absolute belief in themselves and their ability to do whatever it takes to achieve their vision, they also were clear about why achieving their vision is important, every one of them was completely committed to…

Goodbyes Are Never Easy

I’ll bet during your life you have had to say a final – goodbye – to someone, whether due to a relationship ending, change of location, a new career or even death. In some cases our goodbyes can be only temporary, but on many occasions they are permanent. Oh, you thought maybe you said that you would keep in touch with someone, but as the years passed one day you suddenly realized that what you thought was a temporary goodbye was a permanent one.

Unleash Your Dreams Today

Introspect today and ask yourself this question: Have I invested sufficient time to be alone with my thoughts, to discover what my life will be like, after I have achieved my most coveted dream? The picture I am referring to here is that picture of possibility you need to create about exactly what you want in your future. Or said differently, your “VISION” for how you would like your life to turn out.

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