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5 Strategies To Keep Your Writing Productive In The Face Of A Storm

Distractions are a part of everyone’s lives. Some you can choose to ignore. Others, like a schizophrenic Mother Nature on the warpath from all directions, demand your attention no matter what else is going on. The best defense you have depends on how prepared you are. By planning ahead these 5 strategies will help you keep your writing productive should you be left in the dark by a disturbance you cannot control.

Understanding That Procrastination Is A Killer And Ways To Overcome It

High expectations of yourself and knowing what you need to do to achieve a particular outcome mixed with a deadly dose of procrastination, is a surefire way to self-sabotage. What is procrastination and what are some of the ways you can overcome it to gain the satisfaction of an outcome achieved?

The Seed Within

Every success in any endeavor will begin with an idea. Idea is the seed you need to become fruitful in life. Each time an idea is coming up in you heart, that is an indication that you are about to produce a fruit in your…

The Astronomical Foundations of Astrology

The Ascendant is defined as the intersecting point between the Ecliptic and the Celestial Horizon and is the Eastern Celestial Horizon. It is represented by the formula Tan L = Sin E / cos E cos w – Sin w Tan A where A is Latitude of the place, w is the maximum declination of the Sun, E is the Right Ascension of East Point ( Sayana Kala Lagna ) & L – the Lagna. Raseenam Udayo Lagnam – Udaya Lagna, the Ascendant, the pivot of the horoscope, is the Eastern Celestial Horizon.

Where You Look, You Go!

As a leader in your business and in your community, people will take their cues from how you behave in the most challenging and frighten­ing situations. That’s why you have to set the example: focusing on tangible objectives, defining what success looks like, and keeping your at­tention at all times not on where you’ve been, but rather on where you’re trying to go and exactly what you have to do to get there.

The Power Of Praise

A proverbial pat-on-the-back is one of the most powerful motivators we can experience. It’s no shame to desire approval. If you want your praise to be a powerful tool to motivate your team and steer their behavior, you should consider the following points:

Input-Output Ratio of Productivity

Improving productivity has multiple aspects. However, it is mainly about optimizing inputs while maximizing outputs.

Motorcycles And Life

Sometimes in life we make realizations about how life can relate to something we’d never thought of before. This is one of those times. We all face challenges, we all face bumps in the road, but all of these experiences help establish who we are. Get up, dust off, keep going, and stay positive.

Develop Your Decision Making Skills

You have to make decisions day-by-day, and even moment-by-moment and hope that ultimately the good ones outnumber the bad. Here are two observations concerning decision making that I think are worthy of your consideration.

Simple Strategies to Motivate Employees

There are simple ways to motivate employees. It all boils down to satisfying the social and self-actualization needs of individuals.

What Motivates You Each Day?

Every experience that a person has impacts him or her positively or negatively. All of the positive moments most likely enhance our daily motivation. Daily motivation is what enables us to strive to be better people, to work towards goals, and to lead fulfilling lives.

When You Hit Rock Bottom, Take a Climbing Class

Have you hit rock bottom in some area of your life? Are you stuck, not sure how to pull yourself out and move forward and upward? Then you need to learn how to climb out of the hole and make your way into prosperity and fulfillment. Find here the steps you can take, and the tools you need to get up now.

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