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Motivation – 4 Action Steps to Think Different to Manifest Your Desires

What you’re experiencing right now came as a result of the way you’re thinking and the choices you made. To change your experience you need to think differently so you can make different choices and manifest the desires you truly want. If you find that you’re not making progress towards your goal, then it’s time to think different – change your thought processing, look at things from a different perspective. Begin using these 4 action steps right away.

Are You Thinking BIG – Or Just Not Thinking Of Much At All

With the world in such a financial demise, it’s no secret that most folks have lost their hope and belief in the “American Dream.” Along with the loss of great expectations of a better tomorrow, many people have allowed their thoughts to turn to pessimism, negativity and despair. Have you succumbed to becoming a petty thinker and allowed “Mr. Defeat” to “Rule your Roost?”

These 2 Little Words Will Break Your Team Out Of Its Rut

I’m sure when you read that title, you must think I have some brand spanking new technology or something that will catapult your team to greatness. That’s not what I’ve got…I’m telling you to practice better. Check out this four step process to making your team better.

The Most Watched Keynote Speech

For some of you who don’t know what the most watched keynote speech is, it’s the presidential address. In some countries it is called as the state of the union address while in others it’s called the state of the nation address.

Building A Pathway To Effectiveness

Are you willing to take responsibility for the circumstances in your life and your company and understand that they’re coming from you and not to you? If you answer yes, then I have a question for you: what do you do with circumstances that you’re not happy with?

How To Live Life With Passion and Have Passion In Your Life

One of the biggest things that is missing in many of our lives is passion. Passion for living and passion for life itself. The reason this has happened to us is because of all the trials and tribulations and stress that we are faced with every single day. So how do we put the passion back in our lives?

How to Forgive Myself

How do I forgive myself? I can’t forgive myself, can you help me? Is forgiving myself possible? Mike has spread a rumor on his friend that he cheated on the exam which resulted in his friend’s failing the exam. After one month of the incident, Mike started feeling guilty. Although Mike informed the teacher that his friend didn’t cheat, he is not able to forgive himself.

3 Criteria For Goals That Will Truly Motivate Your Team

I’m sure all of us are looking for ways to inspire our athletes to achieve their highest potential. And I’m sure all of us agree that goal setting is an integral part to any successful season. Tony Robbins gives us a “map” to properly motivating our teams in a TEDtalk. First, we have to give each individual a role on the team. Then we have to find out how to meet their emotional needs. Finally, we give them the tools to make their team experience positive.

Why Finding Your Why Is Important

What is finding your WHY?  Why do you need a WHY?

18 Quick and Easy Tips for a Positive Attitude

Life is not always fair and things do not always go your way. It is important to keep a positive attitude to be able to move through the difficult times.

Do People See You a Leader or a Liability?

While I’ve always been rather moderate in my politics, I am a child of the 60′s. One of the phrases that was used a lot back then by the militants and flower children was “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem”. As you review your own behavior in life, do you make sure you’re part of the solution or would others see you as part of the problem?

4 Things To Remember Before Your Keynote Presentation

Before you deliver your presentation always remember that there are several steps you need to follow so you can present a flawless discussion. Keynote speakers always prepare and iron out their presentations before the actual date they are to deliver it.

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