SELF DISCIPLINE – Motivational Speech

How to Overcome Fear and Procrastination

If we listen to world news today, they give us every reason to be fearful. If we give in it seems that something dark lurks around every corner of our mind. The challenge with fear, either real or imagined is that it can hold you back from doing well in life.

I Hate My Job!

Careers and change just seem to go together during these times. We get bored, frustrated, and despise our jobs. We end up dislike our co-workers, our boss, our company, and anyone else affiliated within the company. To change careers effectively, we must assess where we are, and what we excel in, with our passions. Find your passion, and you’ll find happiness and joy.

Shifting From Ideas Into Action

There are seven things you need to do to shift from ideas into action. These are my tips on how to nurture your creative ideas into reality so you’ll feel more empowered and have a real sense of accomplishment and productivity which will lead to much better results for your business.

Why Not You

Why can’t you go after all of your dreams and goals? Who is telling you that you can not do it? Are they an expert on you and your capabilities? Are they any better than you? Are they any better off financially than you? What are they driving compared to you? How big is their house? What kind of income are they bringing in each year?

Do People Think You’re Lazy?

Do you think that others perceive you as being lazy? Read on to find out the real reasons why you may this way.

Trading Your Life

Whether you realize it or not, the way you choose to spend your day is ultimately a trade off. You are literally trading the minutes, hours and days of your life in exchange for your current activities. Most of us spend 40 (and often more) hours per week trading the precious moments of our life for our job.

Living Beyond Fear

I took this week off from work and became “Mom” again as I sent my only son off to Kindergarten. Intellectually I was ready, but emotionally I was a wreck, crying every time I saw a baby or toddler boy.

People Grow From Strength, Not From Weakness

We grow from our strengths because concentrating on these causes our self esteem to soar. When we focus on our weaknesses we are more inclined to feel bad about ourselves and this can cause our self esteem to plummet.

How to Motivate Yourself & Your Team

Tips on how to motivate yourself to action and your team. This article details ways in which you can motivate yourself first, and then work on your team.

How to Bring More Fulfillment Into Your Life

While at work, is your mind distracted by all the things you need to do when you get home? When you’re home do you think about things you need to do at work? Our minds travel at light speed jumping from one thing to another. Think back to your early school days when you daydreamed out the window during class. Or maybe you were bored near the end of summer wishing for school to start? It seems like we have a hard time focusing on the here and now! We rob ourselves of being happy in the moment!

Four Reasons Why We Procrastinate

The biggest obstacle to success and fulfillment for most people seems to be procrastination. Likewise, a major component of effective time management is avoiding procrastination.

Change From the Inside Out

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they know they have to change. Maybe you’re graduating from school and are ready to make the shift from dependent child to independent adult. Or perhaps a relationship, career or personal crisis can only be addressed by a profound change in who you are as a person.

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