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Your Worth Is PRICELESS!

When we identify our self-worth with things external of us, we are setting up ourselves for failure. If someone doesn’t like us, then we feel bad. If they like us, then we feel good. Then they go back to not liking us and well, the cycle repeats. No one outside of us has the tools to raise or decrease our self-worth. Those tools are within us. People on the outside can only make us feel less than ourselves when we already feel less than. When we begin to raise our self-worth, begin to think highly of ourselves, then no one can hold the measure of our worth in his or her hands. Many of us are people-pleasers and we do not want anyone to be upset with us. So we feel that we need to fix something so that others will like us and be pleased with us. Once again, that is the little girl/boy within us.

Are You Getting Better?

This article is about becoming better than you currently are. There is a process that we must follow to get better and the steps are laid out in this article so that can determine where you are now, make a plan for getting better and evaluate your progress.

In Search of Attitude and Motivation

External motivation does not usually last very long. The motivation that brings success must come from within. Because motivation and attitude are partners, we need to search for them intensely. Where do we look for attitude and motivation?

Life’s Truths

Life is complicated – or many people would have us believe. It doesn’t matter your age, gender, race, religion, education or nationality, yes life can be complicated, but only if that is what you choose it to be. Let me explain.

Life Hits You In Head – How To React

This is were the rubber meets the road. The bare bones of motivation. Are you with me? Can you relate. Are you afraid to share it? Take courage.

Don’t Say Goodbye – Say Thank You

We all say goodbye every day – to friends, loved ones and even strangers but let me ask you – have you ever felt sadness in your heart when you uttered these words to someone? I know I have.

The Best Day Of Your Life

Too often we get stuck in the negatives in life and fail to remember those special days, events or weeks and even years that bring a smile to our face and a warm glow to our heart. Yes, life can be filled with disappointment, adversity and troubles and more for some of us than others, but in the end we always have special times, if we will take time to remember them, which make all of the trouble worthwhile.

Are You Missing Something In Your Life?

What you pay attention to every minute of each day determines the quality of your life. Whether it is words, the actions of others, the simple things, the negatives or the positives – they influence your beliefs, attitudes, decisions and behavior.

Don’t Believe Your Own Press

This article addresses the fact that we need to be careful of listening to opinions that are consistent with our true abilities even if that opinion comes from our inner voice. This is especially true when we are trying to improve ourselves. Our inner voice will often focus on what we have accomplished in the past and not our capabilities.

Motivation – How Good Are My Desires?

Motivation is about why you do things and why you are living in the way you are. It is possible to become more aware of your hopes and fears, your values and principles, and your inner desires. Such insights can help those people who feel frustrated in unfulfiling roles and who do not know what to do with their life: or who have just suffered a major change such as a divorce, an injury, or a redundancy and being now single instead of married, infirm instead of healthy, or unemployed instead of working, no longer feel they know who they really are.

Refresh Your Attitude

Just like your breath needs to be refreshed after each meal, so your attitude needs to be refreshed several times each day. Here are some excellent aids for refreshing your attitude and keeping you focused upon being the best you can be.

Sailing Through Life Against the Wind

We live in a culture of shortcuts. Everyone is looking for the “big score” like Bill Gates or Donald Trump or Mark Zuckerberg. But, the truth is that 99.9% of us will never attain wealth and success in the measure of these three men. However, we don’t want to go through life in mediocrity, do we? Perhaps we can learn a lesson from sailing.

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