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Ambition – Is it Worth it?

The majority of people struggling through life (that’s us!) have been taught from a very early age the importance of being ambitious, of being competitive and of winning at all costs. This is very much the way of this materialistic, consumerist world. We are regaled our whole lives with demands to stand out, to win, to be better than others. Not only do our parents or primary care givers, our teachers, our peers and our “superiors” tell us this but society does as well, through magazines, the TV & radio and nowadays, of course, through the internet.

Self Help For Motivation – The Power of Books

People nowadays are very busy with their hectic lifestyle, yet there are times which demands self-help for motivation. Self-help is essential for motivation and there are adequate books to offer this assistance.

How to Have Lasting Motivation?

Many people would love to be motivated every single day of their life and that includes me! However, the reality is that motivation doesn’t last. Are there any secrets to having lasting motivation without any hype?

Life Can Be Fantastic – Your Joy is Your Power

I urge you to try on a new sense of realism. When good things happen to you, don’t wait for the other shoe to drop. Expect something even better now. You’re just revving up. Remember, you’re in your power when you’re in your joy.

Fantastic Failure

Oh no! It’s another one of those “F” words and there is definitely a negative connotation here. What does it mean to fail? Just what is failure?

The Real Importance of Motivation For Internet and Affiliate Marketers and For Running Any Business

Motivation is found within every being, human and animals alike. This motivation needs only to be triggered by some internal factors such as some high ambitions or by some external factor such as a competitive environment of work, where one would struggle to be the best. However even after it has been triggered, not everyone can make the right use of this motivation to achieve their goals.

Maybe You Are Not Above Average

Sometimes we are the last to know about our weaknesses-the below average aspects of our performance. In the spirit of continuous improvement, avoid being blind-sided by your unknown liabilities.

Procrastination – Too Little Or Too Much Energy?

Most of us procrastinate. We put off doing a job we don’t like. We put off seeing people we don’t want to see or talk to. We just delay doing things we know we ought to be doing. To most people, that is what procrastination is all about. But to others, procrastination is almost like a disease.

Become the Best You Can Be (3)

In everything in life, there are levels towards an ultimate purpose. In everything in life, anything that is big was once small. In everything in life, there is a beginning, life is full of beginnings, and they are presented every day and every hour to every person. Most beginnings are small, and appear trivial and insignificant, but in reality they are the most important things in life.

Act Quickly If You Want to Achieve Big Results

I have never been afraid of taking action. Well, almost never. There have been a few times when I stayed somewhere too long or hesitated to try something new.

Effects of Procrastination

Procrastination is a very human failing, but one that affects more areas of our life than we realize. We know how that feels, don’t we? Despite our best efforts, we procrastinate. We put things off in favor of other things, or sometimes just in favor of a well-deserved break.

Motivation – Consider This First Before You Start Your E-Business!

While you move your business forward, make sure your foundation is solid. Your foundation carries your success in all things, including the profitable e-business. Make sure you have these things before you begin your campaign.

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