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7 Strategies to Become a Winner

It takes a little bit of a fight in this big wild world to become a winner. There is so much competition in the world how do we come out on top? I am not sure you have to win the race to be the winner, sometimes if you beat your last time and you are getting fitter you are a winner. Here are 7 Strategies to Become a Winner I have found effective.

Life is Like a Math Problem

Life is like a math problem. A solution exists, and it can be balanced!

Labor – What Does It Mean to You?

Lewis Thomas wrote, “Ants are so much like human beings as to be an embarrassment. They farm fungi, raise aphids as livestock, launch armies into war, use chemical sprays to alarm and confuse enemies, capture slaves, engage in child labor, exchange information ceaselessly. They do everything but watch television.”

Intensity – Does Intensity Add or Subtract from Your Life?

When Lawrence Taylor said, “You try to stay within the rules for the sake of the game, but you can always turn up the intensity,” he was speaking as an athlete. I feel, however, that he could just as easily be talking about life and business in general.

I Got To P

The last word she said inspired me to breath life into the sound of it. When I wake in the morning I got to Pray. I pray for my life, family, and friends. Even when it rains I can’t complain. What helps me throughout each day is The Prayer of Jabez which you can find in Chronicles 1 4:9-10. In order to succeed you have to so something.

Live And Learn Direct – Why It Is Key To Keep Your Desire To Learn

Key reasons to keep your desire to learn. Have you ever pondered upon how essential learning is to your life in terms of your ability to not only survive but also to thrive both professionally and personally?

Don’t Let Fear Paralyze You

Fear is a normal part of life and is unavoidable. It is energy like everything else and can be manipulated to hold you back and give you a violent push forward!

How To Beat Procrastination – Overlook This Step And You’ll Procrastinate For The Rest Of Your Life

Procrastination is probably THE biggest creativity killer, and just the word “procrastination” can strike fear into the heart of even the most confident artist. It is possible to overcome procrastination, but only if you take this crucial first step. Ignore it and you’re destined to be a slave to procrastination for the rest of your days…

Life Fate – What You Can Do About It

Life is full with surprised. We always desire wanting for everything to be perfect as we always dream of during childhood mostly; but sometimes it happens the way we never expected at all – didn’t get your dreams career, don’t have a wonderful boyfriends or girlfriends, or didn’t get a perfect body that you always wanted for even you always work hard to reach your target. Life is just like a box of chocolates.

Self Motivation Skills

The first thing you need to do in order to gain some self motivation skills is take action. No more whining or complaining, take life into your own hands. If you are actually motivated to do something chances are it will get done. We are all guilty for at least once in our lives claiming that we were going to do something tomorrow, but that’s not taking action that’s putting things off.

Supraconscious Mind – Use It To Move Forward With Your Life!

You are searching on the internet and you find your dream job again with a different company, or you see that others have started the business you wanted to start. Yet you do not intend to apply for that dream job or venture out to start that business because of past or present experiences.

How Subliminal Suggestion Can Motivate Success

What is subliminal technology and how can you use it to improve parts of your life you previously found impossible to change? This article answers this question and more.

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