Train Your Mind

The mind has a great impact on our performance. These mind training techniques, which have been used by the greatest athletes, will help you perform better in all aspects of life.

How To Beat Procrastination – Why Analysis Only Leads To Creative Paralysis

Once you’ve taken the brave step of admitting that procrastination is an issue that seriously stunts your creativity, the next logical step appears to be to find out why you procrastinate. This is a fatal error though, and ends up with you procrastinating even more! To find out why, and to discover the alternative approach to beating procrastination that DOES work, carry on reading this article…

What Might Motivate Me To Serve Jesus Christ The King With Greater Zeal?

To be called to serve Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is the highest calling any man can receive. But how can we keep our zeal and drive and enthusiasm? There are those who would attempt to pour ice cold water upon us. But if we are on fire the water then produces steam and steam powers our engine!

Where To Find Your Inspiration and Motivation

Probably the most unfortunate fact about the music world is the fact that most songs simply do not chart. In a way, this is understandable as it takes a great deal of intangible elements that must come together for a large audience to make a song a hit.

How To Be Lucky In Life

Fate favors the bold, the strong, insistent, consistent, and persistent person. As we look at all the luck that we have experienced in our lives, and remember all the lucky people that we have been privileged to associate with and learn from, it appears that there are some key principles used by all the lucky people we know.

The Magic Ingredient for Body Transformation

Why are some people fit and toned while others struggle with their weight? These fit people make it seem so easy to achieve and maintain results-what do they have that you don’t? It all boils down to one simple thing. The only thing standing between you and your perfect body is: motivation.

Who Are You Listening To?

The people you listen to determine your level of success in life. A lot of people have listened to the wrong people to their own detriment. This article is all about guarding yourself from listening to the people that will debar you from achieving your dreams.

Take My Breath Away – The Pay-Offs of Taking Bold Action

What is the thing that has been calling you – in either your personal or business life – that you’ve been resisting? It’s the same thing you know you have to do to feel fully alive. What is it for you? Once you say ‘yes’ and start the journey, you have within you what is necessary to bring it to fruition, and you will get all the assistance you need along the way. There’s a bigger place for you to go. Doing the thing you are called to do, the thing that takes your breath is necessary. The pay-offs are countless – more energy, focus and increased confidence, to name a few. And the BIG ONE you can always count on is feeling more fully alive.

Goals and Goal Setting – Do You Set Them? And, Do They Work for You?

Wow! I don’t know about you, but this year I have read and heard more about the importance of goals and goal setting than ever before. It might be the people I am hanging with on the Internet. Or, possibly the recent teleseminars I have attended. Or, the self improvement programs I am working on.

Is Thinking Attracting your Attention?

It is time for us to train our attention by practicing positive thinking. Thinking positively is a tool to accomplishment!

How To Beat Procrastination – Why Procrastination Is More Addictive Than Chocolate

Have you ever started eating a delicious bar of chocolate vowing to have “just one chunk”, then before you’ve realised it you’re left with a few crumbs in an empty wrapper, and feelings of regret mixed with guilt? Procrastination is just like that. Except more addictive. And you feel even worse after! Read on to find out why, and the first steps you can take to beat procrastination today…

How to Motivate to Massive Action

It’s the action behind the attraction that makes the wish come true

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