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How To Squeeze Through Boomer Life

Dream your “Dream Life” and build it! Don’t be afraid to go from creating for a purpose, because you must, to creating for the joy and the challenge of the adventure. One day at a time with goals and a plan. There will always be risks but when wasn’t there?

The Salsa Lesson

Pump up your courage muscles and take the step forward that you KNOW you need to take. Write it down. Say it out loud.

Seven Steps for Staying Motivated

Motivation is one of today’s hot buzz words. If you have it and can keep it you are a superstar! Staying motivated is simple when you use these seven steps.

A New Twist for Your To-Do-List – A Not-To-Do List!

Most of us are holding onto certain things in our life, unconsciously and consciously that actually keep us from experiencing the kind of life we say we want to have.

Would You Like to Have More Success and Fulfillment in Your Life?

Stress and failed dreams can be traced back to you lifestyle. If you have a weak personal foundation, you WILL have obstacles to overcome.

Unplug Yourself… Take Time to Unwind

Unplug yourself… It’s summer time for a break. Learn how to fill up your tank for free.

A Fresh Perspective on Time Management

Time management is really self-management. Determine which activities yield the desired results in your life.

Bench Press for Your Brain

After years of helping people get in shape physically, here are my ten tips for developing and maintaining a high-performance mind.

Five Tips to Cross Your Borderline to Success

Everybody has his borderline to cross once he set up his goals. Five tips here will help path your way to success.

Spirituality Information – The Black Crow Which Never Went To The Doctor

My son, Vignesh turns six tomorrow. Two years back when i had some serious illness i had to visit the doctor every other day. I used to take my son with me to the doctor. As i was recovering from the illness, one day out of the blue he asked me ” Appa(Dad) why do you go to the doctor again and again? Tell him to give you something so that you dont ever have to go back to him……..”

Hocus Pocus, It’s All About Focus

Maintaining one field of endeavor requires focus because distractions grow faster than weeds. Many weeds attempt to choke the one plant we want to grow.

The Flagrant Abuse Of Positive Thinking

Stockdale tells the story of the optimists who never survived their time in Hanoi, simply because they clung far too much to their dreams of release and in doing so couldn’t handle the brutal realities of what it took to survive the day to day.

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