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Winners Vs Losers

Do you have the loser mindset? Are you one of those people who have made a lot of great plans but never have accomplished any of them? Do you know anyone like that?

Life’s Not for Sissies

Never could I ever give this story the justice it deserves. I’m sure that we all can relate to this story in some way. Let me tell you about Mrs. J, about fifteen years ago, while moving into a small eight unit apartment complex, Mrs. J was my new neighbor.

Coping With Criticism

Motivational speaker Scott Greenberg offers tips for coping with criticism. He offers ideas for minimizing the unpleasantness and maximizing the learning.

What Is Honour?

This article covers the concept of honour. What is it, and how does it affect us? How important is it from a Scientology point of view.

Leaving Your Mind

“Our emotions are what hold us together”, Dr. Candace Pert. This article is about how to control your emotions.

What Would You Accomplish If You Were Blind to Failure?

There are so many things just waiting to be accomplished by you. Put a failure blind-fold on and get started!

Exam Fear

“I knew my work, but the moment I had to start writing the exam, I went completely blank.” Perhaps you can identify with this experience and will be interested in understanding why it happens and how to avoid it. The cause of going blank in exam is anxiety – fear of failure, the fear of going blank once again, the belief that you will fail, self-talk like “I’ll never be able to pass this exam”, fear of not being good enough, over-learning and self-doubt.

Living Well in a Volatile Economy

An interesting thing happens to our brains and bodies when we panic or when we see others in panic mode. Based on the perception that there is danger, our primitive brain takes over from the advanced reasoning centre located in the prefrontal cortex and sends signals to the body that it’s time for action. What’s happening on a biological level is that the amygdala, an almond shaped area of the brain transmits the message to the body to release powerful hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol so that we can either run away or stay and fight.

Ode To Summer

I don’t know about you, but I’m not ready to give in just yet. I’m not ready for the fall. Not this year, and not in my life. I have too much to do: too many adventures to pursue, too many fun things to do, too many lessons to learn.

Procrastination – How to Develop the Habit of Definite Decision to Overcome Procrastination

Repetition is the key to establishing a new habit, and determination and persistence will sustain and bring permanency to the new way of life. In order to overcome procrastination, we need to master the decision making process. The following provides a step by step process to establishing this new habit.

Be Grateful

We take little things for granted too often especially when we are moving so fast. Our lives are full and busy, and we should start the day with thoughts of gratitude for all the little things. It is easy to overlook the simple things that mean so much, and we would miss if they were not there.

How To Build Motivation When Doing Something You Dislike

Do you want to learn how you can create the motivation so that you will get all the work that you dislike done in no time? If your answer is a yes, this will be the perfect article for you. You are going to discover 3 powerful techniques how you can build motivation when doing something you dislike.

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