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When Envy is Good

Of all the negative character traits, envy is the only one with a redeeming factor. A healthy dose of envy is even good – think of it as fuel to drive your way to success or contentment. Take heart, it’s perfectly normal for people to look at others and wish to have what they have.

Procrastination – Is It A Problem With Laziness Or Could It Be Fear

Many times procrastination goes hand in hand with fear and doubt. Far too often people set up goals, plans and even strategies to overcome their procrastination when the reality is that the real issue is never being addressed.

Who Are You Really?

We are all products of social conditioning and until we examine where our most dominant beliefs stem from, we have no power to weed out extraneous things that don’t add value to us. Each of us has endured multiple scenarios – some good and some bad, that have ultimately shaped the way we understand ourselves, as well as, the world around us.

Motivation Theory – How Motivation Theories Helps Us Become Successful in Life

Whether it’s Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs or any other motivation theory, these theories can be applied to any field. Business, sports, education, personal relationships, politics etc, it is always about ensuring that are needs, and comforts are met.

Breaking The Project Into Smaller Tasks

There are many projects that we need to handle in life that seem overwhelming when we first approach them. Successful people have found that the best way to excel in this situation is to break the entire job into manageable pieces. When one tries to do it all at one time, burnout is usually the result. The “piecemail” approach is helpful to keep motivation up.

Head-In-The-Sand-Itis – The New Epidemic

Here’s a conversation I’ve had many times in the course of my work. “Okay Mrs Smith.. jump on the scales and let’s see what you weigh…” (A look of terror appears on her face). “Aaah.. do I have to?”

Everything Worthwhile Takes A Lot of Work

Rewarding things don’t simply happen. They happen because someone does something and puts in a lot of efforts.

That Is Not What You Are Here For

Live as if you have a purpose and a reason for being here because you do. When you begin to act as if you believe that your life has meaning, you will be amazed at the difference it will make.

Employee Motivation

Employee motivation is crucial to every organization’s growth and with your internal customers motivated; you can be ready for some phenomenal growth. Group activities, team building exercises etc encourage people to work together in a team. Team work and a healthy but competitive work atmosphere contribute immensely toward employee motivation.

Almost Everything In Life Is Negotiable

Although some people look at negotiation as conflict it really is more about finding a favorable solution for both parties.

Business Motivation – Helping You Become Successful In Business

Business motivation is what will propel you forward in your business life and help you achieve your goals with relative ease. Appreciation, encouragement, and a healthy work environment can motivate your employees. Business motivation comes from a motivated workforce.

Living our Life to It’s Fullest

Learn from someone that has been there and done that. Find a way to see where you want to be and what you want to do and find your way there.

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