Perception – Theirs, Not Yours

This isn’t about what you see, that’s best explored and addressed in another article, which I have already written as part of a project that I’m currently involved in. This is about being perceived by everyone around you. We’re going to remove the typical social settings, family settings, and new watering hole encounters. It’s all about business; doing business, starting a business, selling a business, and being a business person.

Face Fear

One of the greatest obstacles we all face is fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of the future, of the present. We doubt if we will be able to cope day in and day out. We doubt our medical care.

Controlling Your Mind Power – A Gargantuan Myth Could Be Stopping You

I am now going to introduce you to what I think is one of the most gargantuan, life limiting myths ever perpetrated on humanity. You hear it in some form nearly every day of your life.

Famous Last Words – “I’ll Do It Later”

We’ve all done it. We’ve all said, “Oh, I’ll do it later.” It’s a fair thing to put some things off to a later time, particularly a more appropriate time perhaps, but some things just need to be started… unless you want to let people down?

Don’t Stop! Stay Motivated!

A lot of people suffer from the “can’t follow through” problem. That’s when you have no problem being able to start something, but for one reason or another, finishing it is a problem.

Hollywood’s Dirty Little Secret!

Hollywood Screenwriter Takes On Real Life “I thought my life was over.” Hollywood’s dirty little secret. My life was so exciting!

How You Can Lose Weight And Have A Great Summer

It’s a beautiful summer’s day, the sun is bright and it is hot outside, yet she wears a thick bulky sweatshirt and baggy track pants. “I wish I could be like everybody else and wear a t-shirt and shorts. Oh well, I suppose it’s not meant to be.” Does this describe your feelings, too?

Motivation – How To Avoid The Worry Trap

Worry can be very destructive to our emotional well being and those of our loved ones. A lot of people worry constantly about their past errors and their future; this is rarely productive and may lead to inaction and procrastination. Learn from the past and influence the future by taking decisive action today.

Change Your Thinking About Life

My main point to all of this is we can change our thinking and change our lives. We can learn new things to change our thinking. We don’t need to give up hope that we will always be like this. Change the things you don’t like about yourself. Do it today.

If You Do What’s “Hard” Today, Then Life Will Be “Easy” Tomorrow

Take a look at your choices over the years. If you do what’s “hard” today – choosing a new way of making decisions – then life will be “easy” tomorrow! All you have to do is shift the way you make decisions, from a focus on the short-term, to a focus that prioritizes the longer-term. How would it feel to know that every decision you make is in alignment with the future life you want to enjoy?

A Vision Energizes and Motivates

A vision guides you in your career. It gives your life and work meaning. If you are working 8+ hours a day and feel stuck, learn how thinking about your dream can help to you move forward or to make a career change.

Not Feeling Abundant Can Mean There’s Healing Work to Be Done

So, we’re wealthier than ever and have amazing blessings. So tell me: do you feel abundant? I bet you don’t, and that’s OK. How we feel is, to a very strong degree, a choice. Psychotherapy and personal growth are empowering, because they seek to give us benevolent dominion over our selves and our lives.

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