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Keep Your Motivation in the Workplace – Some Useful Tips

It is the management’s responsibility to achieve motivation in the workplace. Only a motivated workforce can be productive and produce quality results. For this, you need to have some knowledge about human nature. All strategies that are mentioned in management books and sites may not work in all situations, but the basics remain the same.

Written in Gold

The bottom is where the crowd is, the top is never crowded. Each person determines the rung of the ladder which he/she wants to operate from. This decision is a function of the presence or otherwise of the spirit of excellence in our lives. This spirit galvanises those it inhabits to greatness in life irrespective of the number of years the person spends on earth.

The Problem With Motivational Quotes Books

Many books of motivational quotes have problems. If you own a quote book with one of those problems, you may not be getting the full motivational impact that could be yours.

The Number One Reason That Makes You Stay Motivated All the Time

I believe that you know that motivation is very important in your life. If you want to achieve something, you need to have motivation to work on it. Have you ever came across someday where you feel very motivated and you are so driven to take actions? Have you ever felt like someday in your life, you just don’t have the drive to do anything, you are in a bad mood, you don’t feel motivated at all?

Overcome the Wall Through Worthy Goals

It’s halfway through the year. Time for a goal review. No surprises – in good shape on some, and hitting the Wall on the tough one or two. Unfortunately, those one or two always include really important stuff. They’re goals that have to be met. And yet, every time a certain point is reached this Wall gets in the way. It’s a Wall you can’t see, it’s built of things like fear of failure, fear of unworthiness, fear of lack of ability, fear of fear, lack of resources and commitment – things that keep accomplishment from occurring. Notice how the Wall only appears on the truly important, demanding, stretch goals? The goals that spell real progress, real success and real accomplishment? The Wall saves itself for the really important things.

What Do Fad Dieting and a Porsche Have in Common?

You’re thinking there’s nothing that fad dieting and a Porsche have in common – right? Well…not so fast. Let me explain.

Defeating Procrastination – 4 Tips to Get You Moving

Constructive procrastination, or what I call “I’ll Just Do This One Thing First” syndrome, is something I excel at. Even as I type these words my brain is busy searching for something I “need” to do first. Here are strategies that I use personally to get myself moving and beat procrastination.

Being Overweight, A Smoker And Or An Excessive Drinker Is All In The Head

Improving your life and your future, being someone better and generally more successful is really only a matter of you choosing to change your thinking, your mind, which evidently you do quite frequently, you just have to learn how to do it correctly and attract the things into your life that you really want. Controlling your thoughts can also control your weight as well as other habits and problems like smoking, excessive drinking, as well as suffering with anxiety, stress, fear, depression. And then there are the problems that many people suffer, which are self confidence, self esteem issues.

Transform Yourself – Create New Mental Pathways

The great thing about making mistakes is learning new and different responses to situations that work. It takes awareness first, and then the courage to act, and then thirdly, the resilience to re-train our minds toward new habits; this means essentially building new mental “pathways” that become the ‘default’ way of thinking and acting.

Intrinsic Motivation

There are different types of motivation but one of the most common types of motivation is Intrinsic motivation. This is when a person’s motivation comes from inside the individual rather than outside external factors, such as money and incentive rewards.

Have Yourself a Dream Book

People should be big on dreams, the way I am. Then again, maybe a lot of people have dreams and personal goals too and don’t know where to start moving forward. Each and every one of us should live every single day as if it’s our last. Imagine that we are being handed each second that we are allowed to be alive, one second at a time. You’ll never know when the ‘maker’ decides to say, “Hey…

Learn Ways to Motivate Yourself

Being motivated in life is quite difficult with showers of sadness and sorrow that soak us from time to time. You just struggle out of one stormy weather only to get into another. At this time the mind conjures negative emotions and with increasing bitter incidents it gets ugly.

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