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Motivation For The New Year

It’s almost that time again. Another year is coming to a close… and we will all soon be ringing in a New Year. Why is this such a special occasion?

2012 And You

‘There are three days in the life of a man; they are yesterday today and tomorrow,’ so said late Pastor Gbenga Abosede who died on the 23rd of December 2010. As the year is winding up; many are thinking of what 2012 holds for them.

New You Day – Consistency!

The last component of your New You Day is quite possibly the most important of all! So – what component could be so important in completing your New You Day Mentality? CONSISTENCY!

Product Endorsement Motivation

Launching a new kind of product requires a company to catch the attention of the consumers and buyers in order to sell it. By doing so these companies organize a product promotion booth or a stall where they introduce their new items to the people.

Why Peer Pressure Is Not a Pain!

Peer pressure sure gets a bad rap. The average person things it’s evil and malicious. What if I told you that’s just a load of bull?

New You Day – What?

You know your New You Day “WHY?” – so now the second step in the process of determining your New You Day Mentality is answering the question, “What?” In other words – you’ve determined the “Why?” that drives you. Now you need to formulate a plan on “WHAT?” you have to do to focus on that passion.

Pedagogy and Motivation

I was asked an interesting educational question recently about motivation and pedagogy: to wit, what pedagogy is used to create classroom strategies that each motivator prefers? Pedagogy is a word that one doesn’t encounter as frequently as one did, say, in the Seventies; what does it mean? Pedagogy is the science of teaching, of instruction, of training. It answers the question of how people learn effectively. Just preaching to people may make the preacher feel good, but will the audience learn anything? An exceptional preacher, possibly, may well impart knowledge and information, even rouse people to take action; but in the real world if every teacher in the classroom used ‘preaching’ as their dominant pedagogy, there would be even more disaffected and bored youngsters than there are now.

Now Is Not the Time to Give Up

When the unforeseeable happens; when there is silence and you are expecting cheers; when you’re left to question why your passion isn’t providing enough fuel to get you to the end game, you are then forced to deal with some harsh realities. However harsh the realities, now is not the time to give up.

Beat Procrastination – The Secret Revealed

Take action, beat procrastination and live a productive full and highly satisfying life; or don’t take action, continue procrastinating and lead an empty unfulfilled existence. In a previous article ‘Why People Procrastinate’ the underlying causes were identified to gain a clear understanding of how procrastinating can be self sabotaging and debilitating. This article shows you how.

Motivators For Mental Strategies

There are different kinds of strategies an individual should be aware of in order to constantly keep their thread of thought flowing. Motivational speakers help their audience by teaching them different strategies in order to constantly be at your peak with anything and everything that a person does.

3 Ways to Use the Force in Your Life

Like the Jedi in Star Wars, you can use The Force in your life. Let your friends and family support you in achieving your goals.

Change Your Life Using Your Clothes – A How To

Use the clothes in your closet to provide you with the motivation to change your life! Use clothes that don’t fit as a goal to reach.

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