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Only Heartfelt Enthusiasm Is Meaningful

It might seem strange and somewhat contradictory that someone, who for well over three decades, has professionally trained and consulted to over a thousand individuals in positions of leadership, as well as conducted hundreds of self improvement and motivational training programs, strongly believes that all enthusiasm is not created equal. Only when enthusiasm is heartfelt does it have any type of long term impact. When we observe attendees to training sessions, we invariably notice lots of enthusiasm and excitement.

Jack Ugly

Often we plan to live out our dreams but few achieve it. Although we’re not born losers, most people lose the hope to realize their dreams and most prized visions in the day to day hustles of making ends meet. A roof over your head and clothes on your back isn’t enough, you’ll remain unhealthy. Read on, and I’ll show you how to make your subconsciousness healthy, by realizing your dream!

Always Demand Your Personal Best

Some people approach life, simply trying to get along and getting away with a marginal at best approach and attitude. They sem contented exerting the minimal effort, and settle for okay rather than striving for excellence and superiority. When mediocrity becomes the norm or standard, motivation and effort are reduced to a bare minimum, and people settle or whatever is easy to do.

Another 10 Important Rules to Live by

There’s always more to learn! Here’s another 10 Important Rules to Live by. If you take these to heart and make some real changes in your life, you’ll see your motivation skyrocket and your love of life go clear off the charts.

10 Important Rules to Live by

There are some basic rules that can change the entire course of your life and improve it beyond measure. Follow these 10 Rules and see your motivation go through the roof and your love of life go off the charts!

Hope Is Not a Plan of Action

Every day the media continues to spew the doom and gloom on the state of the slowing global economy. Sadly the reaction by some entrepreneurs and companies is to lay low; to avoid investing in marketing or in training their staff; to do nothing about improving their business. They are paralyzed by fear and therefore take no action at all. In essence they are acting like ostriches hiding their heads in the sand, waiting out the proverbial storm to pass. And who knows when that will be.

3 Tips on How to Improve Productivity and Accomplish More (Plus Bonus)

It’s hard for self-employed people to find motivation to do their job. This article will give you 3 tips (plus a bonus tip) on how to increase your productivity and accomplish more.

From Loser to Winner

Sometimes we lose hope thinking that the dark clouds of melancholy will always remain in our life and we’ll never see the light of happiness and delight, but life is the meaning of hope and delight. Our true happiness lies in the happiness of others and this is our real achievement.

Most Of Our Iniquities And Virtues Are Above The Neck And Between Our Ears

Understanding ourselves is key to living a productive life and existence that does work. Without that understanding, we have nothing and are nothing. Destructiveness is meaningless, especially when you envy or steal unproductively “for gain”.

Do What You Like

After many so called failures…and believe me I have spent many years failing. I now see that failure is really success in disguise. If I had not attempted to keep getting up and trying and failing, I would not be here right now inspiring you to be the very best you can be in your own right…

You Are Not Your Past

The vast majority of people living today have a limiting belief deep down in their subconscious mind that, as Tony Robbins said, “biography is destiny”. In other words, they believe that due to genetics or past experiences they are certain to experience a certain set of future circumstances in their life. This simply is not true and is a very insidious belief that holds a lot of people back from making any kind of real progress in their life.

The Power Of Making A Real, Committed Decision

In speaking with a number of people about what creates real and lasting change in someone’s life I’ve come to the conclusion that many are not aware of what actually constitutes a real DECISION. I know that I myself was not aware of this for the longest time. You see, a real decision is a commitment you make to the achievement of a particular goal without the possibility of failure in your mind. In other words, you intend to move forward with the task until it is done until you literally or metaphorically “die trying”. You burn all bridges/ships and leave no path for retreat. This is what a real decision is all about.

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