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How to Turn Frustration Into Motivation in 3 Simple Steps

Turn your frustration at your current situation into motivation to change it. This article shows you how in three simple steps.

Motivation Advice – 3 Barriers to Staying Motivated

Motivation can come and go with no apparent reason. There are certain reasons why you sometimes lose your motivation. This article details 3 barriers to your staying motivated.

Goals Come True – Visualization Involves Vividly Experiencing

Here are some images to get you moving. Let’s start with something simple. Get on that treadmill and just walk for 30 minutes, gently and effortlessly enjoying each stride with a smile and a sense of accomplishment at the end of your activity.

Visualization – The Running Movie in Your Head and You’re the Lead

Visualization involves vividly experiencing something like a scene or event as vividly as you can – as if you were living or reliving an experience and you are in your own movie. It’s “seeing” the place where you can imagine your dreams and desires as if they were real. You do this by seeing in your mind’s eye a vivid full color, moving picture of what you strongly desire – an action step made real in your mind. Try to see all the shapes and colors, take in the smells, sounds and most importantly, experience your own emotions at what you are seeing. Think of that scene in the movie and you are the lead. Trust me, following this exercise of positive visualization will be manifestation at its simplest form of you working towards your personal health contract.

What is and How Can I Stop Procrastination?

Many, many people suffer from a bad habit known as procrastination! Some suffer in a mild level, while others suffer far more severely. I can’t remember who said it but the quote goes “procrastination is the thief of time!”

Your Personal Stimulus Package – 4 Keys to Continued Success & Motivation

How much is it worth for you to feel successful, motivated and stay inspired while the rest of the U.S. seems to sink with each piece of bad news? Colleagues, family and friends alike give the same answer: “Priceless!” I hope my four keys to personal success and motivation will help you stay inspired…

Feeling Underwhelmed? Do You Work With People Who Are Uncommitted, Uninspired, Or Unworthy?

Feeling ‘underwhelmed’ is not talked about as much as being ‘overwhelmed’ is, however, it is just as much of a problem – and someone should call it out. One of the reasons it doesn’t get discussed is because sometimes people feel underwhelmed at work when they are engaged with people who are uncommitted, uninspired, or unworthy of their attention and talents. It may not be ‘polite’ to say this, but…it’s true.

The Ingredients of Hope

Researchers have proposed that there are two components to being hopeful: a capacity to find alternate pathways to a goal and a sense of being able to act on them. Highly hopeful people, therefore, are able to think flexibly and change course when faced with obstacles, which helps them sustain their effort.

Motivation Keys- 4 Universal Laws of Increased Motivation

Motivation comes and goes. You can Increase your motivation to get things done. Read this article to find out how.

Secret Motivation Strategy

Here’s a secret that not many people know about motivating people to act the way you want them too. It seems simple enough, and yet managers and team leaders tend not to realize how obvious it is.

7 Ways to Have Faith! Even When it Seems Like There is No Tangible Result From Your Efforts

In the immortal words of Dr. Napoleon Hill, “Faith is the eternal elixir which gives life, power, and action to the impulse of thought”. Having and maintaining Faith can be challenging, especially when the results you desire are not yet evident. Here are some keys that can help you to keep the faith!

Why Self-Help Books Just Don’t Work

The self help industry has a terrible success rate itself. Maybe the industry should take its own advice.

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