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Conquer Procrastination – 4 Steps to Get Unstuck and Get Started

Procrastination. We all do it. Believe me, I KNOW how easy it is to avoid the things I absolutely MUST do. Here are 4 Steps to help get you unstuck and get you started.

Importance of Corporate Trainers

Training is a craft. And like any other craft, training needs to be harnessed and developed constantly. A good corporate trainer does not teach subjects but they motivate and inspire people to learn what is being taught. The only way a corporate trainer does this by setting professional benchmarks for themselves and getting the audience to interact and engage in the dialogue.

What’s a Butkus?

The dive play is the most basic play in the game. Objective: Gain one yard. The quarterback takes the snap, pivots, handing the football to the fullback – who slams into the scrimmage line, head on. The goal is to gain a yard or two. It’s not pretty, and it rarely creates a big play, but it builds confidence by creating a clear objective and accomplishing it. Simply put, if you don’t have the drive and determination to gain one yard, how in the world would you expect to score a touch down?

Stop Procrastinating! Right Now!

I’m a procrastinator. Yep, I admit it. It is possible to overcome! Yes, today, not tomorrow. Stop living by the creed “Why do today that which could be put off till tomorrow”. Little secret for you… tomorrow never gets here. What are you going to do with your today?

Motivation Through Monotony

From a CEO to an entry level sales position in a large corporation, every job no matter its importance has aspects to it that are monotonous. Whether it be leading a weekly meeting or conducting a marketing survey, these tasks tend to alienate and demotivate employees. The fatigue of completing the same task over and over can lead even the most accomplished and driven worker in a negative direction.

I Deserve to Be Motivated

Yes, Even You Are Worthy of Motivation – Part of the reason people lack motivation is because they hold the idea that they do not deserve to be motivated. Everyone deserves to be motivated.

Constipation Understanding and Fixes

Fixing your constipation issues with the right combinations of proteins, low-glycemic high fiber carbs and a little fat, will solve your problems with pain, bloating, excessive weight gain, and out of control biochemical markers and disease. I watched my mother and father become incapacitated, and my mother at 87, break both hips at 6 months apart. Her struggling and being so constipated, was the impetus for helping others when I was confounded by the same malady.

The Power of Potential

It was Steven Pressfield who acknowledged, “The song we’re composing already exists in potential. Our work is to find it.” Every man yearns to express his potential through his life and work. The dictionary defines potential as: latent qualities or abilities that may be developed and lead to future success or usefulness.

DISCover Your Team/Family or Your Own Strengths and How to Get Motivated

Everyone is uniquely wired and has a gift they bring to the team. While no two people are alike, there are common behaviors that motivate people to act the way they do. There are a variety of personality profiles out there. Many of them have found that there are 4 distinct personality types or styles that people may operate in.

Procrastination: The Enemy of Progress

At the foot of the mountain of purpose lurks the monstrosity called procrastination. It lurks in the recesses of the darkness, it is a beast with tentacles,waiting for you to approach the path of your destiny. If you look for it you will not see it because one of its greatest weapons is stealth. You can’t quite see it because it camouflages itself as “tomorrow”, “soon”, and “later”, luring you away from the mountain with a plan to execute your assignment tomorrow, whispering in your ears encouragement that you will get it done,… “but”.

How to Overcome Procrastination Now!

“Procrastination is the bad habit of putting off until the day after tomorrow what should have been done the day before yesterday.” Napoleon Hill – Procrastination is not a pleasant word. It conjures up all kinds of negative feelings. Guilt for example is a direct assistant to procrastination. These two seem to go hand and hand. Most of us like to avoid guilt therefore let’s get rid of procrastination and the guilt will be dispelled also.

4 Easy Ways To Stay Motivated

Once you’ve succeeded in motivating yourself to do something, there’s another challenge: staying motivated. Don’t worry, getting motivated is the hard part; staying motivated is a lot easier because you’ve already made steps to achieving your goals. Here are 4 easy ways to stay motivated:

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