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On Greatness

It’s a long way from mediocrity to excellence. So common sense would seem to indicate that it’s just as long a road from excellence to greatness. But I believe that greatness is an entirely different road that bypasses both mediocrity and excellence. Greatness is no closer to excellence than it is to mediocrity. Bill Gates is excellent; Nelson Mandela is great. Bill was busy making his first billion and putting a PC on every desk while Nelson was languishing in prison.

Change Your Routine To Keep Motivated

Often the way we live day by day starts to become habit, and we do things almost without thinking. Know it’s no wonder we are so often bored and unmotivated with our lives when we begin to become accustomed to this type of activity every single day.


There comes a time in all our lives when we should regroup, reconsider and reevaluate. Eagles are a perfect example of this metamorphic change.

New You Solutions: Experience Personal Transformation

New you solutions are here. Go beyond resolutions and experience resurrection of your dreams. Apply these personal and powerful solutions to achieve complete transformation.

How to Stop Being Lazy

I know. I’ve been there. You have a long to-do list waiting, but you find yourself oversleeping, watching TV or wasting time in other unproductive activities.

Have a Passion for What You Do

The key to having passion.

Have a Pupose for What You Do

The Secret Power of Having a Purpose

Why You Should be a Non – Stop Learning Machine

The crtical importance of learning and how it impacts motivation

Motivational Tips From Strictly Come Dancing 2006

‘Strictly Come Dancing’ is a reality TV show which makes grown men tremble if only at the thought of dancing with beautiful women in skimpy clothes. A professional dance champion coaches an amateur partner and they perform a weekly dance together. The judges give points and the general public phone in on behalf of their favourites. One couple are eliminated every week. Motivation is a key factor in deciding who will do their best and who will win. The program is full of key motivational lessons.

Motivation: What Works?

Criticism and blaming do not work to create motivation. To lead is to create a motivating environment through a clear understanding of how people think and work. Leaders need to shift their vision from fixing what doesn’t work to reinforcing what does work.

Choosing Among Your Personalities

We all have different personalities within our own mind. They each put in an appearance depending on the situation at hand and try to take over, pushing for their own agenda.

Finding Your Destiny in Billy Joel’s Piano Man’s Lyrics

It’s a classic song and one you might be able to sing along with, but it has a message in it about going after your destiny. You can sit in some bar and chat about if only you could get a break, or you can work full time on earning a living and work part time on your dream. Which one are you, who are you in Billy’s bar where he sings? And what can you do to get those dreams? Come and read how a chance encounter with a friend of Billy’s taught me much about my idol and his heart and let me inspire you not only to dream but to chase your dreams.

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