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Not Only Athletes Love The Home Crowd

Athletes are not the only ones that love the home crowd. We all play better in front of our home crowd. We all perform better when supported by people genuinely interested, if not invested, in our success. Make sure that people in your life are rooting for you, the home team!

Seventy Five Years Young And An Amazing Exercise Program

Here.. take a peek at Tom’s training schedule: 10 minutes stretching – daily 200 push-ups – daily Beach swim – daily (regardless of water temperature) 700 sit-ups – daily Gym – 3 to 4 days per week (heavy weights) Runs – 7 to 8 kilometres every day (4 – 5 miles)

Escaping the Comfort Zone, the Most Dangerous Place in the World

They meant NOTHING! There’ is nothing to fear except the comfort zone, the place where nothing happens, no risks are taken and no one sets any challenges.

Overcoming Procrastination – Understanding What Procrastination Is

In this article we look at what procrastination is and how it effects people. We also look at what may be the cause of procrastination.

Create A Vision You Can Be Excited About- Setting the Structure to be Unlimited

Getting clear on what you really want long-term is key to developing that high quality joyful life you find yourself thinking about. Read on to stop thinking about the life you want and start creating it with a bright, colorful vision you can be enthusiastic about.

The Secret Of Success

Determination can bend any force and any event to your will. By using visualization to sharpen your desires, you set the table for accomplishment.

Turn Ideas Into Action

Don’t let all your great ideas just bounce around in your head! Learn how to turn those ideas into action!

How To Turn Your Adversity Into Success

Learn 3 to turn any adversity into success so that you can reach your full potential in life.

Build Your Vision Slowly

Why do most people have trouble forming a vision of their future? Is this the answer?

The First Step to Improving Your Life – Knowing What is Possible

We limit ourselves by believing that the way we live is the only way to live. If we want more out of life we have to see a bigger picture of just what is possible and a great way to do that is to learn from other people’s experience as well as your own.

Siegfried & Roy – A Life Journey of Fulfilling Your Dreams

Siegfried & Roy led an inspirational life! I had the honor of knowing them for 7 years and want to share some of their inspiration on following your heart and dreams.

Why Does A Man Who Deserves Success Sometimes Fails

When a worthy man fails, he loses out because he lacks an essential positive factor of certain success – the ability to sell his capabilities. By mastering the selling process this failure can turn himself into a success.

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