Start Comparing Yourself To Other People! | Evan Carmichael | #Shorts

Choose Excellence Over Mediocrity

Last week we looked at success and smart living. Today I seek to make the link between excellence and mediocrity and the way to go if what you desire is absolute success without any shadow of failure.

How Many Sperm Were In The Race?

Do you know how many blood cells run in your veins? How many raindrops fall from a cloud? How many fish swim in the ocean? How many waves dance on the surface of the sea? Why there are millions of galaxies and billions of stars? We are surrounded by unlimited abundance.

Meetings Can Be Hazardous To Your Health!

Successful people are in touch with their own personal vision, goals and priorities, and what they spend time on is an absolute match to their priorities.

Key Secrets To Unleashing Your Own Creative Genius

We stay with in the comfort zone of “mainstream” mindset. To do better, to be better, to achieve our dreams we must stretch ourselves.

Discover How To Have Zero Problems In Your Life

Self Sabotage – Because of lack of confidence and self-doubts we may stall on taking action OR inadvertently make mistakes that keep us occupied rather that accomplishing the actual goal. You may feel like you are spinning your wheels.

What Is Freedom?

Freedom is when you are able to choose how to live, where to live, with whom to live and whether to live at all.

Let Loose Your Imagination!

Did you know that archaeologists found seeds in an Egyptian sarcophagus that had retained their ability to germinate after 3,000 years? Every human being is like a divine seed, waiting to be woken up by a ray of sunshine or a drop of rain.

Let Me Show You How To Be More Productive

It is impossible to do consistent, excellent work when our minds are full of competing information, new ideas, and nagging thoughts of problems to be solved. Fresh ideas, brilliant solutions and clarity of focus can only occur when our personal operation systems are in peak performance mode.

Denial – It’s not a River in Egypt – It’s Just a Bad Habit

Lately I’ve spoken to a few people who have amazed me with the skill they have to consistently avoid personal responsibility of any kind. They possess an incredible ability to ignore what is glaringly obvious to the rest of the world; that they are lazy, deluded, irresponsible, excuse-making procrastinators and that they are living in denial… and no, not the Egyptian one.

Action Equals Success One Step At A Time

We often label our inability to take action as laziness, procrastination, and disorganisation but in essence it comes down to four words….fear!

A Healed World In Every Breath

In this miraculous new world in which we live there are those who believe that we have gotten, as a collective humanity, a little too big for our britches. Many feel humanity has created a stress inducing monster of a culture that surely will be the tipping point for another fall from health to a state of sickness and despair.

Getting Through Life

We encounter problems in our lives on a daily basis. Most of the time we face them or just run away from them but do we ever ask ourselves whether they are really problems? Are they really problems or do we just perceive them to be?

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