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Real Motivation

Real motivation is special kind of passion, so strong that we will literally give up everything.

The Seven(teen) Habits of Highly (In)effective People

Okay, here we go; my seventeen anti-personal development gems for those people who seem curiously desperate to fail and extremely determined to find a way and a reason to do it.

Instant Success – The Urgency of Now

How to achieve your dreams by taking small consistent steps everyday…

The Destroyation of Procrastination

Procrastination. Excessive deliberation. Inability to make a decision. Inertia. Paralysis by analysis. It’s all these things and more. Have you ever been confronted by procrastination? Maybe you are a life long victim of it. Not sure?

Short Sleeves Insights – The School Of Illusion?

No one lives his life. Disguised since childhood, haphazardly assembled from voices and fears and little pleasures, we come of age as masks. Our true face never speaks…

Don’t You Owe Yourself The Best Of Health?

I am feeling really well and healthy at the moment, full of energy and able to cope with pretty much anything that comes my way. The picture was completely different a year ago. Find out more about how I got my va-va-voom back!

Teaching Moments – Life Lessons On A Unicycle

It was important to teach my grandchildren that they can do anything they want to if they are determined and willing to put in the extra effort. Riding a unicycle is not easy at any age, but at sixty it was a real eye-opener.

Life Is Just Like A Slow Dance

It’s not about success it’s about doing the things where your passion lies. Else you won’t have the motivation and power to keep at it. Succes is nothing that happens over night. He will shoot one movie. And he will shoot another movie afterwards. And another one, taking one step at a time. Everything takes some time. Life is just like a slow dance, at a leisurely pace you’re moving around, forward and backward, but constantly in motion.

Teaching for Change

Following a trail of slightly mysterious clues, I found my way into a Permaculture Design Course some thirteen years ago, in January of 1990. Emerging on the other side a rainy fortnight later, I felt a bit like Alice after she disappeared down the rabbit hole: nothing was quite the same as it had been before. Or perhaps it was, only more so. Whatever words I put to it now, my life had changed: There was no going back. That heady combination of camaraderie, intellectual stimulation, intimacy, and holistic learning provided a peak experience, one I can still summon vividly to mind. But what had changed?

Motivate Yourself By At Least Making A Start

The mind can think up all kinds of phoney reasons for not doing something one should or for doing something one shouldn’t! You have an hour free to watch a favorite TV program or you could spend an hour learning a skill that will help you achieve your goals. Which should you give your time to?

March Forth!

I love the date of March Fourth. It symbolizes to me a command, an invitation, a rite of passage into spring, a time to check in on and renew goals and dreams and march ahead into life and creating the destiny you envision. March Forth!

Lessons of Adversity

What does not kill us makes us stronger. Just about everyone at one time or another has heard that saying. If not, you just have. What adversity teaches you, as it did me, was that what you truly need to focus on in your life. What needs to be put as priority. Those daily little annoyances that you use to dwell on are not really annoying after all and longer a factor at all.

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