STAY FOCUSED ON YOUR GOAL – Best Motivational Speech

A Little Thing Called Motivation

Motivation is the key to making anything happen for yourself and others. It is the main driving force behind all we do. Motivation can come from two main sources, intrinsic or extrinsic.

Attribution Theory for Sports Motivations

Whenever an athlete loses or performs badly, the tendency is to blame himself for not doing enough for sports motivations. This starts a whole vicious cycle of negative reinforcement.

Motivation – Lessons From A Jellyfish

Some time back, I visited an aquarium and came across a lonely jellyfish swimming elegantly in a tiny tank. I read the informational label, and it said: “The jellyfish has no brain, no spine and no blood.” Hm… How can a brainless and spineless creature move about, sense danger and catch its prey?

How to Regain Your Motivation

You can really accomplish more if you have the motivation. By staying motivated, you can deal with the different challenges easily and effectively. Here are some great tips on how to maintain your motivation.

Limiting Beliefs

Are you happy with where you are right now? Do you feel as if you could achieve more, yet something is holding you back? Well, let me tell you: the true barrier to your success is you. Your self doubt and fears are actually the biggest factors preventing you from having financial and personal success.

Top 20 Decisions to Make in Order to Live Your Dreams

Dreams come true only when, the dreamer strive hard to make sure the dreams come true. Lots of people have dreams of becoming someone of importance in the society, but they don’t know how to go about it. Lots of hope had been shattered, lots of dreams had died down. You cannot afford to be among those who came to this world without impact on their community. Becoming someone in life entails painstakingly taking steps because the default settings of this world is failure, you have to fight your way to success all by yourself, you have to do the configuration of your world, your life to success.

Go Against The Crowd

Going with the crowd is easy. Going with the crowd is safe. Going with the crowd is wrong!

Are You a Gunna?

Are you Gunna do this today or Gunna do it tomorrow. Most Gunna’s remain such all their lives unless they take firm action to manage their time and establish their goals.

Are Common New Year Resolutions Just Positive Thinking “Gone Wrong?” – Five Steps to Avoid Failure

Common new year resolutions don’t give enough motivation to succeed. Finding true desire and combining it with proven positive thinking tools can make every new year resolution a “winner!” Here are five simple steps to follow for success.

Mondays Suck

Do you hate Mondays? Are you one of those people who start to anticipate Friday on Sunday Evening? Are you one of those people who swear by the motto ” I Hate Mondays?” Well STOP. STOP IT NOW. Do you realize the power and influence of your thoughts? You hate Mondays because you have convinced yourself that Mondays are these terrible days of the week and Fridays are the end all be all of happiness

Time Is Not For Spending, Time Is For Investing

How do you intend to spend your time this year? Do you still want to spend your time celebrating your past failure? Or do you still want to spend your time sympathizing with yourself over what you have lost in the past years?

Beat Procrastination Before It Beats You

Many of us are challenged by the procrastination bug. As a writer I find myself pulled in many directions. Since we all have situations that come up, we get get upset and frustrated or we can come up with a plan to cope with it. Whatever your focus is on, you can apply the following steps to take you through this life puzzle. So here’s what I did.

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