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No Wonder Your Productivity Sucks – Quit Flushing Inspirational Motivation Down the Toilet

You want inspirational motivation, because you need driven to action. So you search for something to fire you up and then what happens? It’s downright shameful. You’re not motivated to use your motivational tool.

Commitment – Success Or Failure

Commitment is the act of binding yourself intellectually or emotionally to a course of action. It is a necessary component of success in any endeavor, and it is probably the most misunderstood, or at least the most neglected component in the lives of most people.

Purpose? Find Yours!

Purpose? The difference between living ‘dead’ and jumping out of bed in the morning with enthusiasm is having a purpose. And that’s something bigger than you which can motivate and inspire you forward. This article points you towards your purpose and how you can live deliciously dangerously now!

Stuck In a Rut? The Single Most Important Step to Gain Back Your Momentum

Are you tired of spinning your wheels, being overworked yet not getting anywhere? Are you stuck in a rut not knowing how to advance your business?

The Efforts of Excellence Or The Pains of Regrets

We love heroes. We love to see these people who are totally committed to a cause and who are willing to pay the price that it takes to win and achieve. We tend to believe that they are special; that they were born with special talents and the gift of greatness. Heroes are not born; they are made.

The Motivation Mind Game

Do you ever FEEL like it is an uphill battle just to get your butt out of bed and out the door in the morning? Does the word “workout” bring on a feeling of dread and emotional trauma? Do you ever feel like you have no energy-and it’s only noon? Do you feel POWERLESS in your life on how to affect a change?

The Role and Key Characteristics of a Corporate Motivational Speaker

A corporate motivational speaker should be capable of motivating employees at all levels, with highest potential to motivate those occupying top positions in the organization. The speaker has to take initiative in speaking at high level meetings and conferences.

5 Ways to Increase Your Personal Energy Supply to Do Anything You Want Today

In our world today we are encouraged by governments, officials, environmental agencies to conserve the energy we use in order to save the environment and sustain the world’s resources. We can see our own personal energy in a similar way and we also need to know how to conserve our own supply of energy. We unconsciously dissipate and waste our energy on people, situations, thoughts, attitudes and events which do not benefit us. This leaves less space and energy for creating positive situations that do benefit our lives.

Missed Opportunities

Taking advantage of the right opportunities can have a positive outcome on your life. Opportunities are the result of what you have thrown out to the universe in the past. You could say that a new opportunity is your karma bouncing back to you from your past deeds and actions. Here is an example that one of my students brought up in class.

Think Like an Instant Billionaire

I promise you one thing. This will not only affect your mindset about what’s possible for you, it will also affect your Client Attraction. The more you begin to LIVE like a billionaire (on whatever your budget is), the more Client Attractive you will become.

8 Ways to Motivate – Ideas to Revive Your Spirit!

Journal studies and articles continue to support the benefits of nature, of clearing your mind, and allowing yourself some personal restoration by maintaining moments of mental pause, in order to calm the mind and get motivated. We hear over and over again how we need to reduce stress for our physical and mental well-being. It sounds good, but what exactly can we try that is practical and easy to fit into our busy lives? Check out these eight ways to revive your spirit and motivate your mind into creating the life you desire to live!

In Life Getting Motivated Can Be One of the Hardest Things to Do

I have been life coaching for 4 years on this topics and other, but in the economy we have I have found that many people have just lost their motivation to do anything. Many of my new clients want me to just help them to want to get up in the morning, due to fact they think life is not worth living. Many have lost jobs, homes and cars and think it’s not worth trying now.

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