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How To Stay Motivated In Your Online Opportunity

How to stay motivated and keep being motivated is very difficult for some of us. Staying motivated is a form of mindset, and to stay motivated, you need to keep working on yourself and having those little talks with yourself each and every day.

How To Conduct Self Analysis

Socrates said “know yourself”. If you do not know yourself you will not know your limit. This will affect the level or degree of your achievement and possibly frustrate your plans and efforts.

Is There Anything You Wouldn’t Do To Protect Your Baby From Danger?

What are your dreams and aspirations? Do you have the resolve to fight through adversity to reach your ultimate goal? I truly hope so, because if you don’t, no one will fight through them for you.

How Comfortable Are You? 8 Nuggets on Creating The Future You Want

In order to live a comfortable life you must be willing to endure temporary discomfort. I remember how uncomfortable it was to say no to play so that I could study at school. I also remember the temporary inconvenience of not enjoying the full benefit of my salary as I paid for my degree. There’s a price to pay, you can either be comfortable now and suffer later or you can determine what level of discomfort you are willing to go through before you start reaping the benefits thereof. There is no reward with investment. So I ask the question how comfortable are you? Maybe you are already in the season of harvest so you do not need to worry; enjoy it because you earned it. I would like to address the one who hasn’t started and give him the tools that will enable him to create the level of comfort he wants in his life.

Shattering the Shards of Discouragement

Shattering the shards of spiritual discouragement is not so much a difficult thing as it’s a process for resuming vision for the entire landscape of the journey set to proper context. A trigger kick-starts the process and enjoying reflections of achievement completes it.

Be Decisive – 5 Steps To Making Good Decisions In Life

Decision-making is considered as a mental process one wishes to venture when presented with varying choices and alternatives. This is best applied when one is confounded with choices that may well be correct and deemed appropriate. In selecting a course of action, the individual feels compelled to take the best choice, no matter how perplexing the situation may appear.

Goal Clarity: It’s Do or Die

When I started college at Harvard University, I decided to challenge myself by setting multiple goals in a number of different areas to see if I could accomplish everything that I had been obsessing and dreaming about since my days as a high school freshman (This powerful process is what ultimately led to my joining the ranks of motivational college speakers around the world). Since I loved aggressive sports my first goal was to win a slot on the Harvard Rugby Team and ultimately lead the team as its captain. It was crystal clear in my mind that rugby…

The Secret of the Top 5% Super-Achievers

In a Q&A session during a recent seminar as a university speaker I was asked the following question, “Marc, is there one single thing that we can do that will transform our lives for the better?” It was an excellent question and I was eager to respond to it because I believe that if students could be made to understand how procrastination is the killer of dreams and arguably a primary reason for student failure and drop out we could together share a powerful transformational moment.

Motivation – 3 Ways to Motivate Yourself

Whether it’s a small or big goal, having a healthy dose of motivation would allow a person to start and finish their task quickly and effectively. Unfortunately, we all experience those days when that important spurt of energy is sadly lacking, causing a lack of motivation and lack of achievement.

Your Path to Greatness May Involve Walking on Fire

We have walked on glowing, red hot coals in fire ceremonies since our earliest days as humans. In ancient times, it was common for pagan tribes-people around the world to gather at the communal village fire as the sun went down and wait the magical moment when the gods would urge them to dance on the burning embers. It was a profound mystical, spiritual and physical experience.

Enjoying the Infinite Character of Fruitfulness

Suddenly what makes most sense in all this ever-burgeoning growth is it feels like life should’ve always been like this. What is deeply spiritual feels so natural – so ironically normal. For this we were born!

Standards – The Importance of Having High Standards in Everything You Do

We used to have qualifiers, heats and standards in athletics to ensure that only the best athletes competed on sports day at school. I am reminded also of the auditions we would be subjected to before being accorded a place in the choir. We are still being screened in job interviews and when we make loan applications to banks. The reason is if the maintenance of a high standard of competitiveness and decorum. You are where you are today because of the standards that you have surpassed or lowered.

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