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Motivation Manifesto: Proclaiming One’s Personal Power

Motivation is the foundation of all power and success and the motivation manifesto is a declaration of claiming one’s power to live life to the fullest in all its intentions of liberation, and independence overcoming the many hindrances harboured by self-doubt and negative vibes. It is a typical advance to victory, freeing oneself from fear, anger, and downing emotions.

What Motivates You to Change?

This afternoon we watched the turtles swim around a large pool and occasionally heave themselves onto a platform. There was a strange behaviour between a couple of turtles, one appeared to be constantly hitting the other in the face, following it everywhere, first we thought it was a mother and baby, then I read males are much smaller, so I don’t know what behaviour we were witnessing? But besides that turtle life seemed a very aimless existence.

Are You Letting Your Past Determine Your Today?

The past is history regardless of its positives or negatives. Right now, this moment, this day is all you have or are guaranteed. Will you live it with maturity, wisdom and common sense or will you let the mistakes, regrets, failures or challenges from the past alter or negatively impact what could be the opportunities that come to you today?

If Great Is Possible, Good Is Not Enough

It is important to motivate kids towards excellence. The proper method is important. This article is an important step to teach children and adults the importance of perseverance towards perfection, the best.

Are You Waiting Or Living?

You can’t imagine how much time (life) the average person wastes – waiting for – something – anything. The right career, relationship, job, vacation or for life to give them what they want or they think they deserve. I know I have been guilty and I preach this stuff. So, why do we waste life – waiting?

What Do You Long For?

Everyone has a longing or longings of some kind whether for love, relationships, success, recognition, approval or world travels. It’s basic human nature. If you long for nothing in your life that you don’t have or desire I’ll wager that you are living either in denial, you have settled or given up on a dream, hope, desire or some aspect or even every aspect of life – you are existing day to day just waiting for your last day.

The Journey Vs The Destination – Choose

You’ve heard it and I’ll bet you have even said it – “success/life is a journey not a destination”. So, let me ask you are you living that way or are they just empty words? When it comes to life there are basically four elements – the past, the present, the future and eternity. You would be amazed at the percentage of time most people spend in two of the three (the past and the future) and how little time people spend considering how they are living in the present and how that will impact or influence how or where they will spend eternity.

Playing Your Future Forward: A Technique to Keep Your Motivation Red-Hot

New Years is the time people are ready to wipe their slates clean and delve into possibilities. Dreams are re-examined and quite a few are turned into goals for that year. Even though one-third of the population throw aside their resolutions by February, weight loss tops the list of resolutions each year.

Disappointment Is Not An Outcome, But A Process

Ever been disappointed? We all are sooner or later and some of us more often than others and more often than necessary. What exactly is disappointment and what are its primary contributors? But also, why do we set ourselves up for it? Disappointment – the feeling of sadness or displeasure caused by the nonfulfillment of one’s hopes or expectations. Get it – the single biggest cause of disappointment are the expectations we want or need to happen or feelings we have when we have been let down by others or circumstances. Let me briefly explain the title as I believe that expectations and their outcomes are more of a process than an outcome.

The Best Ways To Motivate Your Employees

At some point of time the employees turn into these individuals with lack of enthusiasm and determination to bring out the required results and this period is something that every employer thinks about many a times. Though this attitude of the employee can be mistaken as laziness, in reality it is just the result of past mistakes, management practices that are aggressive or even because of job insecurity.

Are You Stuck On Your Own Pedestal?

Yes, some of us might have more fame, power, money and stuff but in the end does any of this make us a better person? I don’t think so. As I said I have met thousands of people around the world and yes, many judge others by what they have or do but in the end I don’t believe any of this makes us better. In the end – it’s all going away so the question remains – is how you are living today having a positive or negative impact on where or how you will spend eternity?

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