Stop Caring What Other People Think Of You | Motivational Speeches Compilation

How to Overcome Fear

To overcome fear, you must understand that everyone has two facts in their life, FAITH AND FEAR. Whichever one you choose to embrace is all up to you. But just remember that one of these was given to you and the other you adopted on your own.

Staying Motivated When You’re Trying to Lose Weight

Staying motivated to stick to a diet and exercise program can be tough when we’re so busy with our chaotic lives. But when it comes to weight loss, getting and staying motivated only takes some well-planned tweaks in your behavior and a little out-of-the-box thinking. Follow these strategies to stay motivated and stick with your diet and exercise plan. These work!

A Lesson in Success From MMA Fighters

How hard are YOU willing to fight for your goals and dreams? Although this may not be a physical fight, it is just as challenging to succeed in business. Everything that’s worth fighting for will has great rewards. The fight is never in vain.

You Complete Me Network Marketer

So, are you ready to work together with a good online marketing mentor and make some money? After all you are their only client! (ok, I admit they probably have more than one, but they should make you feel like they will be there for you as if you were their only one!) If they don’t, ditch them! and find someone that does care about your success, you deserve it!

The Mental Butterfly Effect

Can a butterfly on the other side of the planet cause a thunderstorm here? This system phenomenon has been studied and explored for years.

During the Times of Adversity

During the times of adversity, our character is challenged the most. As an outcome, usually only 1 of 2 things will unfold. Either our souls will continue to be vulnerable to the punches that life throws at us.

How to Stay Motivated in 3 Ways

Feeling Unmotivated to do anything and wait for things to happen? Time to search a better meaning to what we are doing. So how do we motivate ourselves to continue doing what we left off with to achieve a greater goal?

Are You Motivated Enough by Passion?

Is having passion alone enough to fuel you to be motivated to do the things you always wanted to or is motivation the fuel for your passions in life. Discover the truth.

Do You Want to Change the World?

It means that life reflects us and that whatever we put out we will get back. How quick we get angry at someone in the heat of the moment and regret it a second later; but then it is too late because we have started a chain.

A Flaw in Goal Setting

Have you ever set a goal and felt disappointed because you didn’t achieve it? Or have you set a goal and felt out of alignment with it immediately – or felt bad even if you did achieve it? Or have you ever set a goal and laughed at yourself when you set it?

Afraid of a Feeling?

Why is it that some of us just cannot seem to do what we most want to do? Here is one answer and a way to change.

Chasing Imagination

It is mind blowing to see a person not succeeding only to find out that the very same person created his/her illusion or imagination. Some people argue and complain about the situation they are in, and they are the ones that either created the situations or cannot control the situation.

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