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Have You Ever Wanted Something So Bad, But Didn’t Know How to Get It?

Want to get a start on how to build your dream? Do you know what you want? Do you daydream? I do and I get great results!

Why Not Create a Motivational Checklist?

What is motivation? How can you maintain a positive attitude while pursuing short and long-term goals? The answer is to create your own personal motivational checklist. Read this article to learn more.

Motivation Keys – 3 Rules For Staying Motivated

There are rules that you should keep in mind so that you keep your motivation levels high. This article details three of them.

Tap Your Hidden Energy

Most of us know one of those prodigies of energy – exiting, inspiring and sometimes maddening people who get far more than their share of the world’s work and play accomplished. When we stop to think about it, almost all of us can bring back memories of periods when we too were bursting with energy, when the days seemed too short.

3 Ways to Turn Tasks You Hate Doing Into Tasks You Love

When it comes to day-to-day tasks so often we have a to-do list full of things that don’t excite us in the slightest. Even more they might be tasks we hate doing and yet for whatever reason we’ve decided that we “have to” do them. This article offers a few ways to turn hated tasks into ones we love doing.

Storytelling to Motivate

Learn the four key elements that make up a great storytelling presentation. In a day and age where more and more people are using technology to assist in presentations, we are now exchanging data that very few people can remember. Using the power of story telling we are able to move people to action in the way that statistics never can. The four elements are perspective, details, emotions and conflict and resolution.

Not Motivated Anymore? Then Ask Yourself These Seven Questions

Everyone in the world are faced with challenges on a daily basis. It is however your ability to rise above all of this, that defines your character and the way you see life. When you seemingly do not make any progress, you become disillusioned and de-motivated.

5 Techniques to Easily Demotivate Yourself

Are you suffering from immense motivation or soaring achievement? Well, I have some good news for you! You can stop this pain right now if you want to.

Motivate Yourself – 7 Steps to Finding Your Motivation

Do you struggle to remain motivated day after day? With no one standing over us telling us what to do, our motivation must come from within ourselves. How do you find that motivation and then maintain it? Apply these 7 motivating factors in your life and discover your internal motivation.

Refusing to Let Yourself Fail – The Key to Staying Motivated

Motivation starts with developing a positive mindset that refuses to let you fail. With a positive mindset, you see a brighter future, you don’t quit, and there’s nothing that you can’t overcome. If you’re thinking that sounds like Fantasyland, well guess what? I live it and breathe it very day and so can you. Let me give you a few pointers that will help you out.

Shifting Your Mindset

It is possible for you to move from a negative mindset to a positive one? The good news is it isn’t that difficult if you apply yourself.

Pain Liberates – Hurt Me One More Time, Please!

When the pain (whether it be physical, mental, financial, emotional, or situational) in your life becomes so unbearable, (that you think you are going to die) you are in a truly magnificent position. The harrowing place is far from pleasant, mind you, but nonetheless most opportune.

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