Stop Holding Yourself BACK & Get INSPIRED to Go After What You Want | Mel Robbins

Determination – The Key and Path to Achieving Success

Not all people would look back at their lives and say that they achieved their dreams without blunders. A lot of people regret most of the choices that they made in the past and wish that they had a second chance. Success is a delicate issue which is determined by what one feels he can and ought to do versus what he actually does.

Do Not Be Afraid to Open Pandora’s Box, Beware of the Fear Not To

Fear can be an incredibly motivating factor, or it can be one that stops us in our tracks. Many people are afraid to open the proverbial Pandora’s Box, but they shouldn’t be and let me explain why. If you lose your curiosity, and become too fearful to try new things or open up that can of worms, then you will end up running away from your problems and challenges and avoiding adversity at all costs.

Motivation = Pure Acceleration + Adrenaline

What is motivation? Well if we take that word apart we understand that motivation is part of the word motivate. And to motivate something you need an engine or some power behind it.

Outrageous Health and Wellbeing – Better Questions Lead to a Winter Swim – What Else is Possible?

Finding a new way to view swimming in winter has enabled me to find other ways of looking at many things in my life. It has me focused on asking different questions of myself and being open to the infinite possibilities life holds for outrageous health and wellbeing, happiness, abundance and success.

The Two Forces of Motivation

Motivation is the thought form or energy that propels us towards an action or a set of actions. In our modern day society many attempt to be ‘motivated’ or have ‘motivation’ in order to achieve vast sums of wealth or success. Learn the two forms of motivation and how they drive us to continually seek progress in ourselves and society.

3 Simple Self Motivation Tips

Working from home can be dangerous to your levels of self-motivation. It can be very easy to lose the motivation without someone looking over your shoulder, as there is no one there to make sure you do the work. There are some very easy self motivation tips that you can follow to help you keep up with your workload.

Making the Seemingly Impossible, Possible

Have you worked out yet that life actually starts when things get hard? Pressure brings us opportunities to succeed or fail. Everything else is but the blowing of wind in the overall scheme of things… come, enjoy the journey to life!

A Sense of Entitlement – The Secret of the World’s Movers and Shakers

From Alexander The Great to Donald Trump and from Napoleon Bonaparte to Arnold Schwarzenegger all great Movers and Shakers had one belief in common. The believed that they were born to be great. They believed that they had been blessed by the gods and entitled with a special gift.

What Are You Waiting For? (Take Action Already)

A guru of mine once told me that 1 hour of movement is better than 1 week of meditation. Think about that for a second because there is certain real certainty to this motto. The quandary that most individuals have is that they examine and examine something to death until they examine themselves right out of the job. Does this sound familiar to you? Well, this used to sound way too familiar to me. The reality is, this is a bad practice that develops with time, but the helpful news is, this bad practice can be smashed.

Understanding Motivation – Finding the Blessing in Tragedy Using the 9 Keys to Success

What motivates people to take action? Where do people find the strength to face huge problems? This simple philosophy reveals the deep secret to motivation and offers 9 steps to help you succeed in the face of challenge.

When Turbulence Comes Keep Pushing With Personal Power

The rain following out of the sky stung like thousands of little whips were beating us from above…When one’s mindset is right adversity is seen as an opportunity to grow, a chance for adventure, and makes great memories. Why for others it is a stopping point. They never try again.

Weeds in Your Garden? Instructions For a Thriving and Powerful Mind Garden

Are the thousands of thoughts that go through your mind every day weighted in the affirmative or the negative? It is tragic that for most people the majority of their thoughts are negative or disempowering – fear, doubt and blame thoughts. They believe their negative thoughts more than their affirmative, empowering ones and give them more attention, energy and power. Where your thoughts go, there goes your life. Your dominant thoughts determine what shows up in your life.

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