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Happy New You Day!

Sure it’s New Year’s Day 2010 – and while we’re at it – Happy New Year! But the point of this article is to get you in the mindset of celebrating New YOU Day! What IS New YOU Day? Read the article in its entirety and find out!

Recovering From a Wipeout – A 4 Step Formula For Success

Do you ever wonder what goes on in the mind of the surfer after he gets wiped out by a huge wave? Riding high and then something comes along to take you out is an experience everyone can relate to. What do you do when you make a mistake or when life fires an unexpected curve ball right at your head? What happens when your carefully planned persona of competence and skill cracks open for all to see? When the going gets tough, where do you go?

The Value of Investing in Yourself

How is it that millionaires are born and created? What do they know that we do not? We may think we know it all, but, why does our bank account not reflect it? About 1 in 100 people are wealthy. What is it that they know that we do not? What is it that they have done that we have not? Were they all born with a silver spoon? Why is it that they succeed, continue to have more success, and we just watch and wonder?

Self Motivation – Three Simple Rules

Self motivation can seem so hard, but it really isn’t. Here are three simple rules to help you.

Living Life With Gratitude

Before I start my day, I always take time to be grateful that I am alive, I have a job in spite of recession, I have a roof above my head, and my family is safe. This makes me happy throughout the day because it reminds me that God is guiding and watching over me and my loved ones. Since this is what matters most to me, it gives me all the more reasons to be grateful because I am given the chance to make a difference in my life and an opportunity to make it right and I’m happy that I am rich and abundant in happiness and health that no money can buy.

Developing Courage

We see it in fire fighters, champion sportspeople, soldiers and battlers alike. We see it also in cancer patients and pregnant women. And we see it personally in ourselves from time to time. Courage is the quintessence of virtue, the foundation of faith, and the reason behind almost all success. But, what is behind being or becoming courageous?

When One Door Slams, Make Sure You Don’t Get Hit

I think we have all had a few slamming doors in our life. We thought the job interview went great; we wait for the phone call and then a letter comes in the mail. Sorry, we have chosen a more suitable candidate. Slam. We thought that job was in the bag.

Don’t Let the Good Things in Your Life Be Overshadowed by the Hard Times

Each one of us goes through hard times and for some reason those are the times that we most remember. The good times seem to shrink into the recesses of our memory.

How to Stop Procrastinating – Stop Today!

If you’re one of the millions of people who, like me, use a computer everyday for their work (most people like this actually spend at least 50% of their day on a computer) than you might find yourself procrastinating a little bit. Just to clarify, procrastinating is when you deliberately distract yourself (not the word ‘deliberately’) with often mindless or pointless tasks with the aim of avoiding real work. We all do it, and we all know that we do it. However, I have a few tips that have personally used that have turned me from a prostrast-a-holic into someone that just procrastinates in their spare time.

Rich Mind Rich Man, Poor Mind Poor Man

The real difference between the RICH and the POOR is their Minds. Find out how and why in this short article, and use it to uplift yourself to greater heights. The quality of your thoughts determines the quality of your Life! Your mental attitude determines your earthly experience. Yes, your attitude determines your altitude. Rich thoughts, rich Life: poor thoughts, poor Life.

Work Life Balance – How to Use the Wheel of Life to Benefit All Areas of Your Life

Get a balance between all parts of your life by remembering the wheel of life and applying what you learn from yours to improve the balance in your life. The wheel of life is a pie-chart: a circle divided into eight segments each of which represents a different component of your life. In order to have a balanced and fulfilled life it is widely suggested that you address each of these segments and define how fulfilled each of them is for you.

New Year, New Outlook – How to Get Motivated

As we age, our values change and our outlook on life shifts from raising kids to experiencing what life has to offer. Our children are reaching adulthood and starting off on their own in careers and building their families and lives of their own.

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