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Everybody “Wants” – But How Many Really Have The Motivation To Get It?

Motivation is not about external incentives, rewards, inducements or threats. My definition of motivation is “an emotion or desire that operates on the “will to do” and causes it to take action”. To be long lasting, motivation MUST come from inside you.

Motivation And The 405-Pound Man

The “left / right” strategy is a very effective one that you can adapt to work for you in any situation. And we all know that on some days, it takes a little more motivation than on others to work towards achieving your goals.

Why Seeing The “Finish Line” Is Critical To Your Success

When you have no central purpose in your life, you fall an easy prey to petty worries, fears, troubles, and self pity. All of these are indications of a lack of strength in your life, which leads to failure, unhappiness, and loss. Without strength, you can not persevere.

Perfectionism Preempts Progress, Peace, & Pleasure

In the drive to success, it can be easy to forget your purpose. We seem to get so wrapped-up in keeping-up that we forget the real reason for waking-up. Life has only one purpose; and that purpose is LIFE. In life, we can choose between progress and stagnation, peace and war; and we can choose pleasure or suffering. But choices these are; and a choice must be made. Not choosing is still a choice.

Inspirational Words to Help You Reach Your Goals

Inspirational words directly impact your thinking, actions and results. They give you mental and physical energy to overcome adversity, persist through the hard times and overcome disadvantages.

If At First You Fail, Remember Many Great Ones Before You Did Also

If you have tried and failed, fear not: many great ones before you have experienced this fortune. What is important is not whether you have failed, but what you have done after such failure. Did you feel sorry for yourself and give up all hope of success? Or did you dust off the sweat and blood, and vow to come back stronger, and eventually win the prize? Depending on your course of action, you may end up another casualty of the ne’er-do-well society, or you just might end up making your mark on life.

Need Motivation? Erase This “Four-Letter” Word From Your Life!

It is the word, CAN’T. Yes, this little contraction of the word “can not”, as in “I can’t do (fill in the blank)”, can stop you – cold – from achieving the highest level of performance from yourself everyday. Here’s my definition of the word “Can’t”. Either you don’t know how to do something or you do not want to do something.

How To Live Your Dreams Starting Today

Dreams.. What about them you might be asking yourself. Everybody has dreams! do you remember when you were young. What did you dream of becoming?

Motivation – Setting Your Goals As Realistic As Possible

Goal setting is always an important factor when it comes to keeping yourself motivated. People often advise that you should keep your goals right in front of your eyes so as not to lose focus of the direction you are taking. Sure, this is good advice.

Finding Motivation In A Box

There are many truths that we have to face in life. One, life really gives out lemons. Two, sometimes life snowballs us with so much lemons, we can’t even begin to think of creating lemonades (as that popular saying goes.)

Self Improvement Is Not For Sissies

The best place to start with self improvement is to improve those things you are already good at and fine tune them. Take classes, learn more, become an expert. This will bring about improvement in all areas.

Change Is Good!

Somehow the thought of any real change causes a tightening in your chest, a lump in your throat and a burn in your stomach. Why? Change evokes fear automatically as a human response.

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