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Controlling Your Mind Power – Determining What You Really Want

There is a psychological reason for doing this. You are figuratively flushing the things you DO NOT WANT out of your mind and out of your life. What remains is what you truly DO WANT.

Self Motivation Tips

Need some tips on staying motivated? Sometimes the most repeated tips are being repeated because they work.

How to Discover Your True Destiny

To discover your true destiny, you must first explore what it is that you want out of life. If you desire prosperity and happiness, you need to initiate two key elements: intuition and motivation — the rest comes naturally.

Becoming “Invincible” – Spiritual Messages From the Movie and Vince Papale’s Life

The 2006 Walt Disney classic “Invincible” starring Mark Wahlberg showcases a truly inspirational sporting story based on Vince Papale’s rise to pro-football team the Philadelphia Eagles in 1976. This article looks at the spiritual virtue of HUMILITY in the context of Wahlberg’s portrail of Papale in the motion picture, and how humility is a key ingredient in achieving success, in sport, and in life.

How Are Your New Year’s Resolutions Going – DIT-OAF?

As we sit here in mid-June, do you remember back at the end of December/early January when you sat down and promised yourself a whole bunch of stuff for 2008? Or maybe you were more organised and professional about it and sat down and wrote SMART goals for the year? Well as we approach the halfway mark of the year, how are those goals going? Are you on track for a good year or a bad year? We are all different of course and will have differing reactions to the sober thought of almost half the year having elapsed already. For those steaming ahead and striding forward with laser like focus towards their goals, I salute you. However, for the remainder of this article I am going to focus on what is most likely the majority category that I am going to call DIT-OAF’s, which stands for ‘Do It Tomorrow – Others At Fault’, and the harsh truth is that there’s a bit of a DIT-OAF in all of us.

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation

Thoughts become things. By thinking and giving emotion to those thoughts, we literally bring those thoughts into physical reality.

The Law of Relativity

Events in our lives only take on a positive or negative meaning when we decide to assign a meaning to them. No matter how good or bad my life is, many have a better life and many have a worse life.

The Law of Rhythm

The law of rhythm helps me understand that life is always changing and that if times are rough, they will get good again. If times are good, I will eventually get bored and want to move on.

The Law of Polarity

Every experience in life carries with it a positive and negative opportunity. By focusing on the positive we can enjoy most any experience we have in life.

The Law of Gender and Gestation

              The Law of Gender states that in nature there must be a male and female of every kind. One to plant the seed and one to grow and nurture the seed. Our mind is the grower and nurturer of seeds that are planted there from innumerable sources of ideas that come to us from so many places.

The Law of Cause and Effect

I learned that by freely giving, I freely receive. When I help others meet their needs, my needs are met. Every thing in life has a cause and effect and the cause in our life usually originates in our own mind.

Motivational Quotes Sites

When you go looking for a motivational quote site, are quality quotes more important than quantity? Do you want to spend 3 years reading through their 50,000 quotes or do you just want to get down to business and find some good quality quotes?

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