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I Just Want Identification!

Laziness and procrastination are ways to prolong being humble. One way to back into success is to think like you did when you wanted your driver’s licenses. For example I do not want to cut the grass; I just want to get dressed in my old clothes and put gas into the lawnmower and see if I can get it started.

Movies and Motivation

I am one of life’s great sentimentalists. I am deeply touched by the things I witness; sometimes inspired, sometimes saddened. One source of a tremendous emotional spectrum is movies.

Aptitude + Attitude = Altitude – Part 3 of 3

You were created to soar at altitude like an eagle not peck the dirt like a chicken. Your attitude is more important than your aptitude to achieve your success. Here we consider three key steps to set you on your way.

The Most Powerful Tool in the World – Your Brain

Everyday our mind subconsciously will filter an enormous amount of information from getting through to our mind. Just imagine if we start to focus on everything that we see, hear or feel at every moment of the time. Even the buzzing of mosquitoes or the beat of your heart sometimes is filtered by your brain so that you can focus on more important matters. Therefore, it is important that we select appropriately what we focus everyday in our life.

Graduation Verses – Samples For You to Choose From

To have some graduation verses at hand during graduation is a must. Graduation is a special, exciting time for any graduate. Whether the graduate is exiting high school or college, graduation is the beginning of a new life and exciting time! There are samples for you to choose from.

Awesome Quotes – For Thank You Note Wording Examples

There are awesome quotes available on the internet. It’s easy to find most any quote for any need. That means there are a variety of quotes as well as famous quotes for you to use for your thank you words, when the need arises.

The ‘Key’ to What Really Motivates You to Achieve Your Dreams!

What motivates you? What gets you fired up? What gets your ‘juices’ flowing? What vision of the future excites you? Being inspired momentarily is easy for many people, but staying motivated long-term can be challenging for some of us.

Over 40? Quit Your Job – Get a Life – Here’s How!

Did I get your attention? Good; that was the point. No one should have just a job after 40. Before 40, it is necessary to build your ego in the world. It is critical for self-development, self-esteem, and to get a sense of your place in the world.

If Michael Jordan Needed Help, So Do You

I am not intentionally manipulating the famous basketball player’s name but I am trying to emphasize a point here and I need to use someone really big and SUCCESSFUL as an example. I remember in one interview, the interviewer was unloading praise upon praise on Michael Jordan for performing so well, giving Chicago Bulls their xxxth win. The humble and extraordinary basketball player took the compliments gracefully and then added, “I couldn’t have done it without Pippens and Rodman”.

What is Your Half Time Speech?

The half way mark of 2008 is here. Have you achieved your goals so far this year? Have you hit the wall and are struggling for motivation? What happened to the New Years Resolutions? Do you need your tyres pumped up? If so, let’s revisit the way we felt in January this year and work on getting the fire in your belly back again. Read on for the answers to the questions running around inside your head.

Motivational Quotes

More and more people are becoming motivated through other means. One of the most common ways a person can find motivation is through quotes from famous people from all walks of life. From people like Nelson Mandela to Muhammad Ali more and more people are relating themselves to senior figures who play a big part in influencing them and help motivate them. This article explores the different types of motivational quotes and their likely influence on an individual.

Importance of Motivation

The importance of motivation is important for most people in everyday situations. Universities and organisations and schools always make sure that their students and employees are always motivated to carry out their work to the best of their ability. However, due to factors beyond their control more and more people are finding it hard to motivate themselves due to lots of factors. This article will explore the importance of motivation and how it as affected thousands and thousands of individuals.

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